Guidelines for a Christian Lifestyle

Guidelines for a Christian Lifestyle

In addition to being an academic community, Denver Seminary’s mission calls us to “engage the needs of the world with the redemptive power of the gospel and the life-changing truth of Scripture.” This requires spiritual, intellectual, and professional growth “in order to lead God’s people in the accomplishment of His mission in the world.” Therefore, all students, staff, and faculty commit themselves to growth in all three areas for God’s glory and to enhance the service to which they are called. This involves making choices that express the redemptive character of the gospel, respecting and encouraging others, giving and receiving constructive feedback, and cultivating the disciplines needed for effective service.

The conduct of an employee or student of Denver Seminary, whether occurring on-campus or off-campus has a direct impact on the educational and religious mission of the Seminary and will be subject to these guidelines.

In light of these goals, students, staff, and faculty as members of the Denver Seminary community agree to the following commitments.

[See Matthew 18:15-17; 1 Corinthians 6:13, 18-20, 10:31; Galatians 6:1-5; Ephesians 5:1-21; Philippians 1:27; 1 Timothy 3:2]

Personal and Relational Health

As a community of present and future Christian leaders, Denver Seminary determines to maintain high standards of integrity in all areas of life.

Students, staff, and all faculty members will pursue spiritual, emotional, and physical health – fostering connection with God, developing lives marked by self-control and peace, and seeking appropriate balance between work and rest. Such health includes living free from addictive behaviors, unhealthy coping mechanism, and idolatry of all kinds.

Interpersonally, we will live exemplary Christian lives, practicing respect and concern for all people, honesty, appropriate behavior, and wise judgment as outlined in the Scriptures. We will maintain a good reputation with outsiders, uphold relationships characterized by love, grace, and truth, and pursue resolution of conflicts and mutual forgiveness as needed.

Redemptive relationships

We will listen to each other and respond with respect and a genuine desire to understand one another, even when consensus cannot be reached. We will endeavor to demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) in all of our interactions with others. We will pursue reconciliation by taking initiative to resolve differences and by responding to others when they do the same.

Sexual integrity

Denver Seminary’s Statement on Human Sexuality forms a framework for instruction on matters related to human sexuality and for employment and enrollment decisions as they may relate to sexuality.

Sexual integrity presupposes a commitment to God’s original design and intent for human sexuality as well as an admission that, because of the Fall, we are all sexually and relationally broken. It requires that we pursue fidelity to God’s overarching redemptive plan in every area of life, including sexuality. Therefore, we commit to abstaining from all forms of sexual engagement that distort God’s original intent for sexuality. At the same time, we will demonstrate compassion for one another as we struggle with our respective brokenness. We commit ourselves to practicing celibacy in singleness, faithfulness in heterosexual marriage and to refrain from advocating for alternative expressions of God’s design for human beings. We will support one another in maintaining sexual integrity recognizing the spiritual benefit of self-control and self-denial. If we fail, we will seek help and accountability.


We will practice and cultivate the spiritual fruit of self-control in all areas of our lives, avoiding drunkenness, gluttony, sexual addiction, use of pornography, materialism, workaholism, and other addictive behaviors, while pursuing God-honoring excellence. If we have an addictive struggle, however easily hidden or rationalized, we will seek both help and accountability.

Respectful modesty

We will respect others through attire that reflects sensitivity to each occasion and reasonable standards of good taste, and that does not draw undue attention to ourselves. Expectations of modesty and propriety will be maintained on the Seminary campus and at all seminary-sponsored events.

Controlled substances

Denver Seminary is an alcohol-free, tobacco-free (smoke and smokeless), and drug-free campus.

The possession, distribution, and/or use of narcotics, including medical marijuana, the misuse of prescription drugs or use of any form of hallucinogens or brain-altering drugs, are strictly prohibited.

Denver Seminary may initiate disciplinary action for individuals who choose to violate these commitments. We commit to redemptive forms of discipline when that is called for, up to and including mandatory withdrawal from the Seminary if deemed necessary by the Seminary. All disciplinary action is carefully and prayerfully engaged for the spiritual benefit of the individual and the community. By God’s grace, we make these commitments in order that all who come to Denver Seminary may flourish in God’s calling.