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CAFE 180 is a non profit cafe in Englewood, CO.

We love food. We love our neighbors. And we’ve all relied on the kindness of others at certain times in our lives. We started CAFE 180 to share our love of food with everyone. For those who have enough, it’s a chance to eat well and do well. For those who are struggling, it’s a chance to eat well in a dignified manner. We’re not about handouts. We’re about giving people a hand up…

Our mission is to reduce hunger in the community by providing meals to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. At the cornerstone of all we do, is an idea we call “DIGNIFICATION”®. Not only do we serve up delicious food, we serve up respect, dignity and self sufficiency. Our goal is for everyone to leave nourished.

Job Description:
30 hours a week
Compensation based on qualifications

We are looking for someone who loves people and is excited about food. CAFE 180 exists so that all walks of life can eat in the same restaurant and build community. If you love people, love to work with volunteers and love food -- this is a perfect fit! No formal culinary skills needed.

The volunteer and kitchen coordinator is under the direct supervision of the Café Manager, Executive Director and the Board of Directors of CAFÉ 180.

Volunteer Orientation, Scheduling and Recruiting
• Daily greet volunteers with warmth and enthusiasm and offer café orientation materials to read and clarify any questions.
• Help volunteers transition into the kitchen: name tags,hand washing, hair back, aprons, jewelry and valuables stored in file cabinet, introduce to staff and other volunteers, placement in kitchen.

Kitchen and Dining Area Volunteer Coordination
• Be flexible with jobs that are asked of you.
• Opens and closes kitchen.
• Plans, directs and supervises the activities of kitchen volunteers with the volunteer coordinators, helping to create a warm, welcoming work environment. Aware of need for flexibility to strategically place volunteers in most needed positions.
• Insures that sanitation, housekeeping, and safety standards meet the requirements of applicable federal, state and local rules and regulations.
• Performs food stocking, preparation and cooking activities.
• Work with manager to determine what needs to be prepared for the day.
• Introduce volunteers to each other.
• Train volunteers on food station and food prep using picture cards if needed.
• Check on volunteers to be sure procedures are being followed.
• Strategically place volunteers at each station and train appropriately.
• Be prepared to speak with dissatisfied customers if necessary.
• Provides leadership and pro-active, positive verbal and non verbal instruction regarding:
o Food to be prepared
o Method of preparation
o Proper equipment to be used
o Special requirement to complete the task
• Maintains a professional, polite demeanor to promote a pleasant kitchen atmosphere for co-workers, volunteers and patrons.
• Coordinate end of day clean up and train appropriately.

• Schedules production of food according to approved procedures and portion control methods.
• Assures that food will not be prepared too far in advance and that the meal schedules will be met.
• Supervises food production to insure the quantity and quality control fo menu items, proper food handling, prep and production procedures are followed at all times according to Tri-County Health.
• Adapts and implements new menu items and specials of the day as directed.
• Values plate presentation. Conforms plates to café 180 presentation standards as set by the Executive Director and implemented by volunteer coordinators.

To Apply: Send resume to or call 720-320-1113