Job Board

Job Board

Senior/Lead Pastors

  • Location
  • Rugby, ND


Calvary wants to make a difference in this part of the world. They look forward to the arrival of a Lead Pastor who will work with them to cultivate a fresh vision and develop plans to make it happen. The incoming pastor will find a warm welcome and a congregation that is eager to follow. Relationships are key to ministry in small towns, so the incoming pastor for Calvary will have the opportunity to get to know people on a personal level, to hear their stories and to connect with people, young and old. The congregation is hungry to understand how they can better serve and influence the world for Christ, so Calvary’s next pastor will be called on to equip, encourage and empower the people in the work of the ministry so that plans become reality and Calvary makes a tangible impact in Rugby and beyond.

The right candidate for Calvary will be an energized, yet down to earth pastor who models a spiritually reproductive faith and who is able to build healthy relationships with both churched and un-churched people. Relationally warm, inviting and approachable, the right fit for Calvary will take initiative with people and draw energy from relationships. Ideally the right candidate will possess an attractive and graceful passion for Jesus and love of God’s Word that is communicated e ectively from the pulpit and when interacting with others as a representative of Calvary in the community. This invitational approach to ministry will ideally be accompanied by some experience in establishing discipleship pathways for new believers, as well as developing leadership pathways in more mature followers.

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