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About this role...
Help cultivate the stories of changed lives around the world as a result of Communitas International’s ministry and engage believers in the Great Commission via email and social media. Are you passionate about making Jesus famous (in a good way) among the nations? Does communications excite you and does the thought of helping us get the word out of who we are and what we do so that others will catch the vision, fire you up? Then, read on.

You would be responsible to:
· Establish or maintain our social media presence as an organization
· Find creative ways of communicating who we are in a relevant way
· Make and edit videos
· Design promo material for our website, newsletters and social media
· Basic programming efficiency
Basically, you’d be a digital missionary! You will report to and work with our Chief Operating Officer. This role is part-time, and can be volunteer or in a self-support capacity, depending
on your experience and qualifications.

We'd prefer the following, but are open to things being a little different...
● Able to communicate so everyone can understand what you are trying to say.
● Proactive as opposed to reactive.
● Maintain a learning posture and growing walk with Christ, a positive and encouraging spirit, and a strong commitment to the purpose and values of Communitas.
● Work with excellence. Always. At least really try.
● A self-starter, able to work remotely, and able to handle project management.
● Media production experience and ability.
● Prefer international missionary or living experience.
● Must be flexible and able to adjust to a changing work environment and challenges.
● Excellent written and oral communication skills
● A natural social media presence is pretty vital (think LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram and Snapchat).
● Do you enjoy communicating a message through words, pictures and/or video?
● Systems thinker who enjoys the challenge of building something from ground zero.
● Average to excellent computer skills including use of social media and cloud based software for communications and file sharing (Google Docs).
● A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience. A PhD is probably overkill, as we prefer work experience to being in school forever.
● Able to administer our website.
● Do you have experience with Concrete5 platform or similar web technology?
● Do you have experience with InDesign or other design software?

“I believe that modern technology allows us to improve the paper-heavy, creatively -constrained update framework with frequent glimpses of life that foster a joyful and honest relationship between Giver and Goer, in essence moving from scoop to sundae.”
-Luke, Videographer

To Apply: For more information fill out our contact form and specify your interest via We look forward to hearing from you!