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Job Board

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  • Edinburgh, Scotland


About Leith...
Leith is a vibrant neighbourhood to the north of Edinburgh’s city centre. It’s diverse, crowded, fun, cultured, all with a wee bit of grittiness to it. God has opened doors to those who come here and commit to learning, loving, and blessing the community and its people. People of various walks of life are expressing interest in the things of God and we need to grow our team in response. Our vision is to have someone on every street and in every stairwell of Leith committed to loving their neighbours in the name of Christ.
The role...
The role is to join a family that has been living in Leith since 2013. We would love for you to consider joining this team. We are looking for people who are willing to creatively and patiently develop an effective transformation initiative in our neighbourhood. This will be done in many ways – including but not limited to – building relationships, making connections in the community, practicing hospitality, doing contextual outreach. We love to have fun and be innovative and desire a fresh pair of eyes and hands to help us reach those in Leith with the good news of Jesus. The minimum commitment is two years, though longer is preferred.
An ideal candidate will…
● Demonstrate an active and vibrant walk with Jesus Christ and be committed to the mission
and values of Communitas International
● Have a commitment to living in Leith and being involved in the neighbourhood (i.e. volunteering, joining neighbourhood initiatives, etc…)
● Maintain a humble learning posture -- to Christ, to others, and to the culture around them.
● Have knowledge of or experience in doing creative church/new monastic communities
● Work well in a team
● Try new things and not be afraid to fail
● Not give up easily and be willing to persevere without seeing much fruit
● Work with excellence and integrity
● Network and make new contacts
● Be able to live in a multi-cultural environment and have a desire to be culturally sensitive
● Have good knowledge of self
● Be proactive as opposed to reactive
● Be a self-starter who enjoys building something from ground zero
● Be flexible and able to adjust to a changing and challenging work environment
● Have excellent written and oral communication skills
● Love to laugh and see the humour in situations

“We love Communitas’ commitment to the values of Kingdom, grace, and people. We long to see these become reality in Leith and across Scotland.” Drew Van Tiem, Edinburgh, Scotland

How is this role funded?
The salary and ministry expenses of this position are funded through personal support raising. Self-employed or bi-vocational teammates are also welcome. Applicants will be asked to go through Communitas’ Missionary Candidate Process including fundraising (if needed) and orientation prior to starting the position. A funding plan for this position will be provided during the deputation process.

To Apply: For more information fill out our contact form and specify your interest via We look forward to hearing from you!