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Job Board

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  • Pastor /Pastoral couple - ICCP (International Christian Community of Provence)
  • Communitas International
  • Posted: 8/15/2017
  • Salary/Range: Personal support raising. Self-employed or bi-vocational teammates are also welcome. Successful applicant will be asked to go through Communitas Missionary Candidate Process including fundraising and orientation. A funding plan will be provided.
  • Location
  • Aix-en-Provence, France


What is ICCP (International Christian Community of Provence)?

ICCP ( is a vibrant fellowship based in Aix- en-Provence and servicing the surrounding area.  Over the 15+ years since the church started it has seen many people blessed and encouraged, and lives changed through the ministry.

AIX is a university town hosting a number of international exchange programs and, in addition, situated within the area there are a number of international companies, projects and mission organizations.  It is hence estimated that people representing nations that cover around 80% of the world's population come to the area for periods of a few months to many years. Aix and the surrounding area has a historical significance for protestant Christianity in France and home of an evangelical protestant seminary.   

ICCP is an evangelical church seeking to be truly international and non-denominational.  The church uses English as the most widely understood international language but also has been looking towards more bi-lingual (French/English) activities so as draw in the increasing numbers of French speakers being touched by the witness of the church.
ICCP is hence a body of believers made up of a wide variety of races, ethnic backgrounds, economic, spiritual maturity, and educational levels. It has those who would consider themselves as locals, expats, missionaries, professionals, students, children as well as short-term and long-term workers - all coming together to worship and build each other up in the faith.
There are typically between 40 and 100 people at the Sunday service each week, with Sunday School provided for the children. There are women’s and men’s groups which have bible studies each week. The church has been running a Bi-lingual Alpha course and a Alpha + follow-on course.  There is also a university group during the school year. The church runs a variety of outreach events.  
The church encourages service and participation from all members as a key way for the church body to build each other up  in love, and reaching out to the communities around.

Part of our VISION is to see our members grow in their personal relationship with God, abiding, connecting and blessing others whether in Aix for a short or long period.  Part of our MISSION is one of making disciples in all nations and we hope that all who are part of ICCP gain a heart for the purposes of God in the nations.

Due to the international nature of this French town, Aix provides unique opportunity for witnesses: -   Acts 1:8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." (ESV)

THE ROLE:  Pastor/Pastoral Couple  - We are looking for a pastor/pastoral couple who can work to support what God is doing in Aix en Provence through ICCP. The main focus will be reaching out to and building up the faith of the English speaking international people and local French community. This is done through personal contacts, home groups, different ministries, outreach events, and through Sunday worship services.

There are many opportunities to encourage and build up faith in different situations with different people groups. For example pastoral work supporting marriages, youth work (which in turn supports the needs of a number of parents to see faith become reality to their teenagers).

The leadership of ICCP is built around the elders. The Pastor is expected to become one of the elders and work with the elders to set the direction and mission of the church. It is hence expected that Pastor should fulfill the biblical requirements for Eldership.   The Pastor will work with the staff, both full-time and volunteers to cover the different ministry and outreach needs. Being able to work with others on a team is important to succeeding in this role.  Providing leadership, encouragement, coordination and discipleship of the staff, future leaders, and the local body are important aspects of this role.

Lastly, the person taking this role will need to be growing in their faith and leading the community in praying, spirit filled worship, searching the scriptures daily, listening to God to know what to do each day, and how to guide the church into the future. God is working, are you willing to join the work in Aix en Provence?

We'd prefer the following, but are open to things being a little different...
• Have heart and vision for France and a burning desire to make God known among the nations
• Be called to France and international ministry
• Servant leader(s) following Jesus example!
• Able to teach and perform biblical exegesis and hermeneutics
• Experienced in pastoring with counselling skills
• Able to communicate well, both in person and via email and social media
• Maintain a learning posture and growing walk with Christ, a positive and encouraging spirit, and a strong commitment to the purpose and values of ICCP and Communitas
• Must be flexible and able to adjust to a changing work environment and the challenges that brings
• Practical experience is essential. A degree in ministry would be beneficial, but the attitude of learning is most important
• International missionary or living experience would be valuable
• English is a must and learning French to at least a basic level is required.

Testimony 1 : Many college students lives have been changed in the short time with us. Two believers in one university program in 2017 reached out to other students and brought over ten new students to visit ICCP. Three of them had never met with a church before, and continued to attend until the end of the semester.

Testimony 2 : Around 12 non–believers  attended the Bi-lingual  Alpha course run in the Autumn(fall) term of 2016. Five of these professed coming into a new relationship with God through Jesus and are increasingly involved with ICCP.

We are glad to be a partner with Communitas International. Many staff have come through Communitas over the years. We look forward to many more years in partnership.

How is this role funded?  ICCP is not currently in a position to fund the salary for this position. The salary and ministry expenses of this position are funded through personal support raising, self-employed or bi-vocational  support. Applicants will be asked to go through the Communitas Missionary Candidate Process including fundraising, if needed, and orientation prior to starting the position.  A funding plan for this position will be provided during the deputation process.
ICCP does give a love gift each month based on income. This usually amounts to around 12,000 Euro  per year, but it depends on the financial ability of the church.

To Apply: For more information fill out our contact form and specify your interest via We look forward to hearing from you!