Off Campus Housing

Off Campus Housing

Come join a Community House!!

Hey Guys!

We are creating a house to cultivate fellowship and foster community with others! 20’s and 30’s are often quite a different phase of life than many are used to from those College years! So… instead of renting another apartment by yourself, or bouncing to new roommates when one moves — consider joining my husband and I in a community HOUSES !!

We are 27 & 28 and have been involved in numerous ministries in the past. We find that sharing meals and life together is a much more fulfilling way to live. We invite you to be a part of that process. The vision of the house is for Christians to come together and live in a Home one where we share in a weekly meal, can pray for each other, garden in the back yard, bike to the park, BBQ in the summer, and invite others over for bigger fellowship nights and activities…. simply sharing life together!

Single or Married- both welcome!
message me w/you contact info if your interested & want to learn more!

Happy Healthy 2014 to you all*

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