Off Campus Housing

Off Campus Housing

Master bedroom $450/month

There are two girls- one a Denver Seminary student- living in a 3-bedroom house along with a big, very loving dog. We are looking for another roommate. Rent is $450/month, with washer & dryer, and place to park. We are located right next to City Park. About 13 miles from Denver Seminary.
We study, do yoga/exercise, talk, cook, talk, go through the ups & downs of life in this house and we would like to find another person to share that with!
Please call me at 720-629-5616

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Hi! I would be very interested in learning more — I’m moving from out of state to work at the University of Colorado Hospital right after Christmas. I am a Christian and recent college graduate from Seattle Pacific University. Can you send me an email if the room is still available? I’ll actually be in Denver this weekend and would love to meet you girls if you’re free. My email is tina hayashi (at) gmail (dot) com (no spaces).

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