Job Board

Job Board

Retail and Sales

  • Location
  • Littleton, CO


Provide spiritual leadership for store leaders and volunteers
• Uphold the Christian foundation and promote prayer and discipleship throughout the organization
• Ensure the mission integrity of Renewed Treasures by upholding the mission and core values of Love INC
• Participate in planning and collaboration with other Love INC staff to maximize mission effectiveness and reach
Recruit, support and supervise volunteer staff using excellent management skills
• Provide a safe and inviting resale environment
• Recruit and train volunteer staff to meet the ministry and financial goals of Renewed Treasures
• Provide supervision as well as ongoing training and support of volunteer staff and ensure compliance to personnel policies and procedures
• Implement and maintain work schedules for volunteers
Oversee daily retail operations
• Provide leadership and procedures for effective and consistent processing, sorting, pricing, tagging and the attractive displaying of merchandise throughout the store
• Ensure the store is kept neat and clean, maintaining an appealing shopping experience for customers.
• Ensure adequate office and processing supplies are maintained at the store
• Oversee product inventory and the processing of incoming merchandise, maintaining a rotation schedule to keep fresh merchandise on the sales floor and rotate “stale” items out of the store.
• Maintain the computer, surveillance, and POS systems, ensuring documentation and reporting of daily results as well as cash deposits are done in a timely manner.
• Provide documentation of financial and operational results to Love INC as requested by the Executive Director and/or the Board of Directors
Other duties as assigned

To Apply: Kathryn Roy