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  • Posted: 11/26/2017
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  • Denver, CO


Hey! My name is Ethan, and I have an idea I'm stoked about. I'm currently a part-time seminary student, graduate of Moody Bible Institute, part-time youth pastor, and author of 3 full-on books! I have a new big project I'm super stoked on.

I am in the process of dreaming up a not-for-profit gym where high school students can exercise for free in order to keep them off the streets, out of gangs, and off drugs, and instead teach them about physical health, stewardship, hard work, and respect. Some ideas I have are: having high schoolers volunteer a few hours a week/month in exchange for their free membership, help with job and college applications, mentoring and tutoring, as well as "covert discipleship". Hopefully, adults will work out as well and we will set up some sort of 'one-for-one' model like TOMS, where the adult pays for their own membership as well as a teen's, with no additional cost to them. I'd like the space to be part gym, part couches, part tables where they can hang out and do homework. I'll tell you more in person!

I have a billion ideas for how it can work, a loose business plan, and a heart for reaching teens in Denver, but what I need is someone who knows "the books" and is able to navigate the world of taxes, non-profits, investors, and accounting. I know a fair bit and am trying to learn more, but can definitely not do it on my own! If you have experience with start-ups, accounting, investing, marketing, or anything along those lines, I'd love to sit down with you! Ideally, you'd be able to work (at least) part-time as the organization takes form and launches, with plenty of room for more work down the line!

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