Kaleo Project Who's Who

Kaleo Project Who's Who

Elisabeth A. Nesbit Sbanotto, PhD, LPC, NCC, Faculty Supervisor of the Young Adult Initiative

Elisabeth (Betsy) Nesbit Sbanotto has spent nearly 10 years researching, consulting, speaking, and writing on the topic of generational differences as components of culture. As a “cusper,” Betsy bridges the Millennial-Xer gap, passionately bringing voice and vision to what it means to engage each generation as its own culture. She has co-authored a book on the topic with Dr. Craig Blomberg titled,Effective Generational Ministry.”

In addition to teaching counseling at Denver Seminary, Betsy maintains a counseling and consulting practice in Littleton, Colorado. In her consulting work, Betsy works with organizations, churches, and corporations across the country on topics of generational differences, identity development, and authentic living. She has also co-authored a counseling skills textbook titled, “Skills for Effective Counseling” with Drs. Heather & Fred Gingrich. 

In her fleeting spare time, Betsy enjoys whiskey & wine tasting with her husband, Stephen, and rollerblading.

Halee Gray Scott, PhD, Director of the Young Adult Initiative

Halee is a former None passionate about learning how to reach those who are, like she once was, in spiritual darkness.

Halee is an author and social researcher who focuses on issues related to leadership and spiritual formation. Her writing has appeared in several outlets, including Christianity Today, The Washington Post, Christian Education Journal, Real Clear Religion, Relevant, and Books and Culture. Her book, Dare Mighty Things: Mapping the Challenges of Leadership for Christian Women (Zondervan, 2014) explores the challenges facing female Christian leaders in ministry. As an international speaker and consultant, Halee helps ministries and Christian organizations equip women for ministry. She is currently at work on a book exploring ways in which men and women can work effectively together in ministry.

In her spare time (what’s that?) she loves to run and to bake bread. She lives in Littleton, CO, with her husband, Paul, and their two daughters, Ellie and Viv. Soli deo gloria.