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Hebrew/Aramaic Index to the Septuagint

04.01.99 | Denver Journal, Old Testament, Richard S. Hess | by Takamitsu Muraoka

    A review of Takamitsu Muraoka's, "Hebrew/Aramaic Index to the Septuagint: Keyed to the Hatch-Redpath Concordance," by Dr. Richard Hess.

    Muraoka, Takamitsu. Hebrew/Aramaic Index to the Septuagint: Keyed to the Hatch-Redpath Concordance. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1998. Paperback, 160 pp. ISBN 0-8010-2145-6.

    This work is intended as a supplement to the concordance on the Septuagint created by Hatch and Redpath, which although old and dated, remains the most important concordance of the Septuagint existing as a bound volume. Based on a work originally prepared by the author's wife, Keiko, nearly thirty years ago, this edition provides what is missing in the Hatch and Redpath concordance reverse index, the rendering of all the Greek words reflected by a given Hebrew lexeme, rather than merely writing the numbers where these words may be found in the main body of the concordance. Muraoka adds to the work a critical evaluation of the likelihood of some equivalencies by including suggested Hebrew retroversions not found in Hatch and Redpath. He also incorporates material from the apocrypha, especially works that have Hebrew editions from Qumran. In addition, Muraoka makes use of recent discoveries of biblical texts and editions, especially in Hebrew and Greek. Here are included manuscripts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and editions such as the Göttingen edition of the Septuagint. This additional material and the critical use of it take the work beyond anything that is presently available in either printed or electronic form. The work can be recommended for both Old and New Testament specialists who wish to see and compare renderings of Old Testament words in Hellenistic Greek. It is hoped that this work will find a wide circulation and aid in a resurgence of the appreciation of the study of the Septuagint.

    Richard S. Hess, Ph.D.
    Professor of Old Testament
    Denver Seminary