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Job Board

Worship Ministry

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  • Pasadena, CA



The Director/ Pastor of Corporate Worship will lead SMCC in developing corporate worship services characterized a unique combination of theological & gospel depth; excellence & beauty, joyful & intimate praise; and its ability to address the concerns of both Christians and non-Christians.
SMCC is a multigenerational, gospel-centered Church family that worships in a beautiful, historic building in the heart of Sierra Madre (a lovely, walkable community bordering East Pasadena). We long to be a place where those who believe, and those who do not yet believe, can discover the life changing power of Jesus. We believe that the kind of change we most need—freedom from our self-centeredness, materialism, pride, un-forgiveness, addictions and greed—is impossible apart from the gospel.
The church already has a great foundation of talented artists with a broad range of musical experience and ability. We are looking for someone who can utilize our broad range of musical talent to shape musically eclectic, theologically rich, gospel centered, culturally relevant corporate worship experiences that will bring God great glory and delight, shape our own identity as Christ followers, and bear strong witness to Jesus among our unbelieving friends who do not yet believe.
1. Meets the spiritual and character qualifications of an elder (1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9), including home and personal life.
2. Exhibits the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).
3. Gives evidence to being a person of prayer and of the Word.
4. Lives out of an on-going experience of the grace and mercy of God found in Christ.
5. Endorses and supports the church’s theological commitments and philosophy of ministry.
1. Works well in collaborating with senior pastor to develop weekly liturgy.
2. Strong resonance with SMCC’s theology and values of corporate worship
3. Leader of leaders, develop teams.
4. Able to integrate Worship Ministries with the rest of the church.
1. Bachelors degree or higher highly preferred.
2. Gifted musician (vocal and instrumental capabilities).
3. Previous ministry experience as a worship leader in a local church setting.
➢5 years ministry experience in a local church
➢Served in a multi-staffed local church (preferred)
➢Track record of building and leading teams.
4. Strong people skills, with the demonstrated ability to function as a leader-of-leaders in accordance 
with Ephesians 4.
5. High-capacity worker and able to manage time well.
6. Theologically astute, thoughtful, gospel-centered.
7. Has some understanding and appreciation of different liturgical traditions within the broader 
Christian community.
8. On-going commitment to lifelong learning as it relates to the position.
1. Sunday morning worship
➢Lead the church to worship on Sunday mornings through teams.
➢Collaborate with Senior Pastor in creating Sunday morning worship services and special services 
(such as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Christmas Eve, etc.).
➢Form/lead the Worship Planning Team, a group that will be dedicated to providing critical evaluation and creative, long- 
term planning to worship services.
➢Mentor present and future worship leaders with the goal of developing multiple worship teams.
➢ Develop worship ministry teams, utilizing gifts and abilities 
of church members (Eph. 4). This includes worship leaders, vocalists, musicians, and technical support personnel.
2. Other Church Worship and Music Ministries
➢Lead in the creation and execution of other musical events, productions, concerts, etc.
➢Work with Senior Pastor in arranging music for funerals when appropriate
➢Provide assistance in Children’s and Student ministries musical events when needed
4. Worship Support/ Aesthetics
➢Give leadership to Tech Team, both people and resources (audio, video, lighting).
➢Oversee physical space of Church Auditorium
➢Work with teams on aesthetics of Auditorium space (year-round and at special occasions like 
Christmas and Easter)

To Apply: To Apply: 1. Send your resume to 2. Send audio/ video samples of you leading in corporate worship Provide brief answers to the following questions: 1. Who are some of your musical influences? Who are you listening to these days?