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Hello Students!
We are in DESPERATE need of mentors for our 2017-18 school year. This is the MOST FUN AND SIMPLE ministry! We really just get to go into the Englewood schools and love on a kid for 40 minutes each week!

The national office describes Kids Hope in this way:

"One simple thing will make a big difference in the life of an at-risk child: One-on-one, positive attention from a responsible, caring adult.
KIDS HOPE USA develops these one-on-one relationships through the creation of church-school partnerships that pair church members with at-risk kids in supportive, mentoring relationships.
KIDS HOPE USA mentors spend just 40 minutes per week, reading, talking, playing and listening to a child at school. By helping the child feel loved and valued, they help that child to learn, grow and succeed."

Basically, we will assign you with a student and you will meet with that student for a 40 minutes each week at the school. The school is wonderful and has been so flexible with us! They will let you pick the day and time that works best for YOU to meet with you student. Each week we get to take that student out of class and play games with them, talk with them, LISTEN to them. It is a very simple ministry that God does very extraordinary things with!
Here are the steps:
1. I have attached an application. Kids Hope USA is a National ministry so we have to fill these out. If you will fill it out and put it in my box in the church office that would be wonderful!
2. We will have a "Mentor Training." I will have you over to my house and make dinner/ lunch one day and we will just go over EVERYTHING you might want to know and ideas for the mentoring time. It won’t take more than 40 minutes.
3. We will meet at Cherrelyn Elementary school/ Englewood Middle School for an "In School Orientation" where they will show us around the school and you will be matched with your student.
4. You can start mentoring one on one with your student!


Also, here is a quick video from another state's kids hope program to give you an idea:

To Apply: