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Job Board

Administrative and Clerical

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POSITION SUMMARY: This position is responsible for advocating for the personnel and work of the International Ministries Division and managing the day-to-day office operations for Africa-based personnel and ministries. This position will support the Africa Ministries Director on matters pertaining to personnel and ministries and support the Administrative Coordinator on matters pertaining to the International Ministry Division.

Provide assistance to the Africa International Ministries Director (IMD) and the International Ministries (IM) Division in the following areas:

• Communications -- serving as a vital communications hub/link with IM personnel:
o Ensure IM procedural alignment with other divisions and departments and re-direct documents as necessary (e.g.: missionary transitions, field projects, field requests for case management, etc.)
o Create and distribute IM documents detailing a significant decision or status change of Africa personnel that requires various approvals and further implementation from other depts.
o Promote, maintain and file IM records (opening new fields, natural disasters, etc.)
o Research regional and IM projects as requested by the IMD and/or Administrative Coordinator
o Cooperate with other divisions in preparing and reviewing IM materials for distribution and publications
o Create and maintain Salesforce reports for IMD and various departments and divisions
o Handle incoming communications and direct as appropriate for response by IMD and/or field personnel
o Represent and promote the various opportunities and needs of IM personnel and ministries for internal and external use
o Handle strict communication guidelines with the restricted personnel living in the Africa sites

• Administrative -- serving the IM Division’s administrative needs and responsibilities
o Ensure follow-through on administrative tasks for which the IM Division is responsible, including forms, documents, meetings, administrative practices, field responsibilities and field outcomes
o Gather and organize required field leadership reporting at the end of each fiscal year and as needed
o Provide letters of verification regarding our IM personnel for government offices
o Support and promote regional events for Africa personnel
o Maintain the IM personnel files and archives
o Serve on the Littleton Crisis Management Team for crises within Africa sites
o Help create and maintain the personnel and ministry-related data being stored in Salesforce and in the Global Members Community portal

• Care/Concern – demonstrating support and appreciation for IM personnel
o Resolve general questions and any escalating needs of the Africa personnel and/or IMD
o Assist in IM-related events (Renewal Conference, trainings, debrief sessions, team retreats, etc.)
o Provide hospitality to Africa missionaries and guests visiting Littleton headquarters
o Alert the IMD and/or member care team on important personal, spiritual, ministry, and family needs/situations
o Arrange for cards/flowers upon the birth of missionary children and the passing of missionaries and their parents
o Communicate, as appropriate, significant prayer needs and ministry updates

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Time management: the ability to organize, manage and complete multiple projects by order of priority
• The ability to anticipate next steps and perform with excellence in a fast-paced environment
• Excellent interpersonal, oral communication and facilitation skills
• High attention to detail and efficacious organizational skills
• Ability to problem-solve independently
• Professional, pleasant and helpful attitude; welcomes answering questions and providing prompt assistance
• Personal initiative, creativity and flexibility in the management of work responsibilities
• Comprehensive computer proficiency required for Office365 and other compatible software programs
• Proficiency in Salesforce is highly preferred, but not required

Personal Qualifications:
• Deep commitment to a personal relationship with God and a desire to serve Him in a global ministry
• Enthusiastic personal interest in and dedication to WorldVenture’s history and ongoing ministry endeavors
• Christian character that reflects and embodies the Christian values, beliefs and principles foundational to WorldVenture, and a willingness to subscribe to the eight-point doctrinal statement
• Service-oriented attitude of assisting and serving others
• A team player that displays humility and a learner’s attitude

Education or Formal Training: High school diploma, or equivalent; minimum of three years administrative assistant experience preferred

Work Environment/Physical Activities: Office environment with periods of sitting; potential to travel every few years

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