2017 Advent Devotional

2017 Advent Devotional

"Jesus is the embodiment of the good news announced by the angel. And we have seen it, heard it, believed it, and been changed by it because of our faith in him. We who have believed in Jesus are the people of good news.

Just as the people of Israel longed for good news over 2,000 years ago, so our neighbors yearn to hear good news as well. As we celebrate the good news embodied by the One whose birth we remember during this Advent season, let's resolve to be that good news in the ears of all who know us."

- Dr. Mark Young, President of Denver Seminary

Each year the faculty and staff of Denver Seminary put together a devotional for the Advent Season. This year’s devotional, The Glory of the One and Only Son, will help to engage both your mind and heart as you journey through this season of Advent. The devotional, which will walk you through each day from December 1st to the 25th, is available online.

We hope you enjoy this gift from Denver Seminary and that it is a blessing to your Advent season!

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