Bethany Adams

Clinical Training Director

Debra Anderson, MA

Assistant Professor of Training and Mentoring, Chair of the Training and Mentoring Curriculum

Howard Baker, DMin

Assistant Professor of Christian Formation; Director of Christian Formation; Director of the Soul Care Initiative

Craig Blomberg, PhD

Distinguished Professor of New Testament

David Buschart, PhD

Professor of Theology and Historical Studies

Sung Wook Chung, DPhil

Professor of Christian Theology; Director of Asian Initiative

Jeff Cook, PhD

Associate Professor of Counseling; Program Chair, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Hélène Dallaire, PhD

Earl S. Kalland Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages; Director of Messianic Judaism

Joseph R. Dodson, PhD

Associate Professor of New Testament

Elodie Emig, MA

Instructor of Greek

Fred Gingrich, DMin

Professor of Counseling

Heather Davediuk Gingrich, PhD

Professor of Counseling

Doug Groothuis, PhD

Professor of Philosophy

Mark G. Harden, PhD

Executive Director, The Gospel Initiative

Knut Heim, PhD

Professor of Old Testament

Richard S. Hess, PhD

Distinguished Professor of Old Testament; Editor of the Denver Journal

Aaron Johnson, MA

Associate Dean of Educational Technology

Scott Klingsmith, PhD

Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies; Missiologist-in-Residence

Tim Koller, MA

Associate Dean, Innovation and Educational Systems; Director of the Leadership Program

David L. Mathewson, PhD

Associate Professor of New Testament

Janet R. McCormack, DMin

ACPE National Faculty Certified Educator; Associate Professor and Chair of Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Programs

Reginald Moore, PhD

Chair of the PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision, Assistant Professor of Counseling

Dieumème Noelliste, PhD

Professor of Theological Ethics; Vernon Grounds Chair of Pastoral Ministry and Social Ethics

Don J. Payne, PhD

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Academic Dean, Associate Professor of Theology

Patty Pell, MA

Assistant Professor of Cultural Engagement

Wilmer Ramírez, PhD

Associate Dean, Diversity and Programming with Ethnic Communities; Director of Hispanic Initiatives

Nathan Scherrer, MA

Assistant Professor of Training and Mentoring

Marshall Shelley, DD

Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program & Associate Professor of Pastoral Leadership and Ministry

Dan Steiner, ThM

Assistant Professor of Training and Mentoring

Paula Tipton, PhD

Associate Professor of Counseling

Ronald Welch, PsyD

Associate Dean, Counseling Division; Professor of Counseling

Scott Wenig, PhD

Professor of Applied Theology; Haddon W. Robinson Chair of Biblical Preaching

Bradley J. Widstrom, EdD

Associate Professor of Youth and Family Studies; Director of the Christian Studies Program; Director of Personal Formation of Counseling Division; Chair of the Counseling Ministries Degree

Adam Wilson, PhD

Assistant Professor of Counseling

Mark Young, PhD

President, Denver Seminary

Eric Suddeath, PhD

Associate Professor of Counseling

Michell Temple, PhD

Assistant Professor of Counseling

Elizabeth (Liz)  Norris, PhD

 Assistant Professor of Counseling 
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