Student Life and Enrollment Management

Dusty Di Santo

Vice President of Student Life and Enrollment Management

Alex Guthrie

Administrative Assistant to VP of Student Life and Enrollment Management

Amy Carr

Director of Enrollment Management

Michelle Park

Senior Admissions Counselor

Lauren Baird

Admissions Counselor

Josh Kimmel

Enrollment Advisor

Laurel Ackerman

Senior Operations Specialist, Enrollment Department

Kristy McGarvey

Dean of Students

Tessa Thompson

Director of Student Engagement

Gina Kelbert

Director of Financial Aid

Preston Thompson

Senior Financial Aid Advisor

Gabriel Pfeiffer

Student Life Coordinator

Luke Hagberg

Enrollment Advisor

Arielle Sigler

Student Care Specialist

Kirsten Adorno

PhD Recruiter & Admissions Counselor

Bethany Trantham

Enrollment Coordinator
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