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Craig Blomberg, PhD

Craig Blomberg, PhD

Distinguished Professor of New Testament

Distinguished Professor of New Testament

Dr. Craig Blomberg joined the faculty of Denver Seminary in 1986. He is currently a distinguished professor of New Testament.

Dr. Blomberg completed his PhD in New Testament, specializing in the parables and the writings of Luke-Acts, at Aberdeen University in Scotland. He received an MA from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a BA from Augustana College. Before joining the faculty of Denver Seminary, he taught at Palm Beach Atlantic College and was a research fellow in Cambridge, England with Tyndale House.

In addition to writing numerous articles in professional journals, multi-author works and dictionaries or encyclopedias, he has authored or edited 20 books, including The Historical Reliability of the Gospels, Interpreting the Parables, commentaries on Matthew, 1 Corinthians and James, Jesus and the Gospels: An Introduction and Survey, From Pentecost to Patmos: An Introduction to Acts through Revelation, Christians in an Age of Wealth: A Biblical Theology of Stewardship, Neither Poverty nor Riches: A Biblical Theology of Possessions, Making Sense of the New Testament: Three Crucial Questions, Preaching the Parables, Contagious Holiness: Jesus' Meals with Sinners, and Handbook of New Testament Exegesis.

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Areas of Academic Interest and Research

New Testament (esp. Matthew, parables, miracles, historical Jesus, Luke-Acts, John, 1 Corinthians, James), the historical trustworthiness of Scripture, biblical teaching on money and stewardship, gender roles, Mormonism, hermeneutics and exegetical method.

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Recent Publications

A New Testament Theology.
Baylor: Baylor University Press, 2018.
ISBN: 978-1481302265

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, 3rd ed. Co-authored with William W. Klein and Robert L. Hubbard, Jr. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2017.
ISBN: 978-0310524175

The Historical Reliability of the New Testament: Countering the Challenges to Evangelical Christian Beliefs.
B & H Academic, 2016.
ISBN: 978-0805464375

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