Executive Director of The Gospel Initiative

Executive Director of The Gospel Initiative

The Opportunity

Denver Seminary is seeking a remarkable leader to step into the position of Executive Director of The Gospel Initiative.

Join in and learn about President Mark Young’s vision of The Gospel Initiative.

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General Statement of Job Function

Reporting to the President, the Executive Director has the unique role of setting the direction, establishing strategies, and overseeing the activities of The Gospel Initiative. The successful candidate will be a thought‐leader in the area of cultural exegesis and evangelism. He or she must have a passion to help the Church create a credible gospel presence and witness as it engages the difficult issues of our day.

Essential Functions

  • In consultation with the President, set the direction and create strategies to accomplish the purpose of TGI.
  • Oversee all TGI staff, operations, programs, activities, and research.
  • Develop and oversee a robust research program to assess how the gospel is heard and understood in the broader society and generationally in the Church.
  • Develop learning experiences (conferences, workshops, webinars) to help participants learn how to address these issues with a focus on the gospel.
  • Develop and publish learning resources in conjunction with and in addition to the learning experiences described above.
  • Work closely with the faculty to develop resources and training for Denver Seminary faculty to incorporate the goals of TGI into courses and academic programs.
  • Create and oversee “innovation hubs” for practitioners in evangelism and churchplanting ministries to share and create new approaches to developing a compelling and credible gospel presence.
  • Work closely with faculty and the Student Life and Enrollment Management department to recruit and retain cohorts of students in Denver Seminary programs who are pursuing ministries in evangelism and church‐planting.
  • Develop and execute a sustainable business model for TGI including the development of revenue streams through activities, events, and resources of TGI.


  • Denver Seminary’s brand as a school focused on the gospel and willing to engage the difficult issues and concerns of our day for the sake of the gospel will be strengthened.
  • Churches and ministries will seek out Denver Seminary as resource and partner to help them create a more compelling and credible gospel presence in their communities.
  • Working with faculty, new programs, classes, and cohorts of students with a focus on evangelism and church‐planting will be established.


  • Doctoral degree or equivalent experience in relevant field
  • Ministry experience in outreach, evangelism, and church‐planting
  • Recognized influencer and thought‐leader


  • Committed personal relationship with Jesus Christ required and a lifestyle consistent with the Seminary’s Community Values and Behavioral Commitments.
  • Agreement with Denver Seminary’s statement of faith.

Application Process

Willingness to support Denver Seminary’s vision, sign the National Association of Evangelicals Faith Statement, and abide by the Seminary’s Community Values and Behavioral Commitments is required.

Employment Application. Please complete the following and return to  .

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  2. CV

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