Apologetics & Ethics Program Overview

Apologetics & Ethics Program Overview

Whether you’re interested in pursuing our Apologetics and Ethics Program as a master of divinity or master of arts student, there are several reasons our program stands out and is worth pursuing:

Esteemed Faculty: Our Apologetics and Ethics department faculty members are deeply philosophical yet passionately missional. 

  • Dr. Doug Groothuis, Professor of Philosophy, is the author of Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Christian Faith. This textbook is used in apologetics courses around the country and has been translated into Korean. It won the "award of merit" from Christianity Today for 2011. J.P. Moreland has called it "the go to" book on the subject.
  • Dr. Craig Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, is one of the best defenders of the reliability of the New Testament in the world today. His many books included, The Historical Reliability of the New Testament and Can We Trust the Bible? Students in the Apologetics and Ethics Program have the opportunity to take classes from and learn under Dr. Blomberg.
  • Affiliated faculty member Sarah Geis is a 2012 graduate of Denver Seminary. She is currently working on her PhD in philosophy of religion at the University of Birmingham, in the UK. Sarah has published work in the Christian Research Journal, Bibliotheca Sacra, and in Philosophia Christi. But even more than studying and writing, Sarah enjoys the relational and missional element of interacting with students at Denver Seminary.
  • Affiliated faculty member Garry DeWeese (PhD, University of Colorado) holds graduate degrees in philosophy and theology, and draws upon decades of teaching experience. He spent many years teaching philosophy as a full-time faculty member of Talbot School of Theology, and has recently moved back to Colorado. Denver Seminary students can now reap the benefit of that move! He is a world-class thinker, a highly-regarded writer, and his passion for apologetics and ethics is contagious.

Our faculty thrive in getting to know students and being hospitable. The faculty is approachable and wants to engage students in a one-on-one basis. You’ll often find students and faculty meetings happening around campus but also in the historic Littleton downtown area.

Program Structure: 

  • Our program provides an emphasis on evangelism with apologetics. Apologetics is meant to remove obstacles to evangelism as well as build up Christians in the truth and rationality of their faith. Our faculty engage the non-Christian world as much as possible through conversations, friendships, writing, and speaking and encourage students to do the same.
  • The Apologetics and Ethics Program has a focus on developing strong communication skills for students. As the author of thirteen books, thirty academic papers, and countless essays and reviews, Dr. Groothuis encourages students to write well by marking their papers carefully and teaching a course called, "Writing for Publication." In addition the program offers an "Academic Teaching" class where the focus is on effective and transformational verbal communication. Each class in the program places a premium on both writing and verbal communication skills.

Program Outcomes: The Apologetics and Ethics Program at Denver Seminary prepares students for a variety of careers and ministry opportunities. 

  • Christian middle or high school teacher
  • Pastoral positions that emphasize adult education and outreach
  • Youth pastor where apologetic training is emphasized
    Start or work for a parachurch outreach ministry
  • Research for Christian think tanks
  • Publish works in apologetics or ethics
  • Develop apologetics and ethics Christian education curricula
  • Consult for churches that seek improved adult or youth education programs
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