IDEAL - Courses Offered

IDEAL - Courses Offered

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The IDEAL institute offers two basic programs of study: the Plan Básico and the Plan Ministerial.  The Plan Básico offers 11 classes on themes ranging from “What the Bible Teaches” to “The Growing Church.” This program can be completed in one year.  Offered once a month on either Saturday mornings or Thursday and Fridays nights on the seminary campus, the classes aim to provide the student with the knowledge and basic tools for a stable and fruitful Christian life.

After completing the Plan Básico, students can move on to the Plan Ministerial.  ThePlan Ministerial is a two-year program of 20 classes that continues to provide courses in Bible and theology as well as on ministry in the local church.  This group studies topics such as “Old and New Testament survey”, "Homiletics", “Pedagogy" and more.  Classes meet once a month on Saturdays on Denver Seminary campus.

Schedule of Courses

Basic Plan

  • How to Read the Bible (5 hours)
  • What the Bible Teaches 1 (5 hours)
  • What the Bible Teaches 2 (5 hours)
  • The New Person in Christ (5 hours)
  • How to Share the Gospel (10 hours)
  • Old Testament Characters (10 hours)
  • What the Bible Teaches 3 (5 hours)
  • New Testament Characters (10 hours)
  • Problems of the Christian Life (5 hours)
  • The Son of God in John (10 hours)
  • The Growing Church (10 hours)

Plan Ministerial: First Year

  • Old Testament Survey (10 hours)
  • Ethics and Values (10 hours)
  • New Testament Survey (10 hours)
  • Human Development (10 hours)
  • Spiritual Gifts and Habilities (5 hours)
  • Stewardship and Administration (10 hours)
  • Interpretation Principles (10 hours)
  • Oral Communication (10 hours)
  • Pedagogy (10 hours)

Plan Ministerial: Second Year

  • The Life of Christ (10 hours)
  • Missions (10 hours)
  • The Pastoral Letters (5 hours)
  • The General Epistles (10 hours)
  • Music in the Church (10 hours)
  • Counseling (10 hours)
  • Leadership (10 hours)