Personal Formation for Mentors

Personal Formation for Mentors

Thank you for considering a commitment to mentor one of our counseling students. We all need mentors in life and the fact that you are willing to serve in this way is greatly appreciated! Denver Seminary considers mentoring relationships an integral part of the seminary experience; in fact, it is part of our DNA.

Mentors are busy. On top of your daily life, your student will be looking to you for recognition, support, challenge, inspiration, and accountability. Your relational role involves meeting regularly with a student throughout the semester and occasional on-campus meetings with your student and his or her Formation Director. Your student will develop a Formation Plan to address a growth need in their character formation. As you meet, your guiding voice will help your student identify formation needs and reflect on the practices they choose to engage each semester. More information about how to mentor a student is offered in a brief orientation we ask each new mentor to view online.

As you speak into your student’s life in a personal and practical way, your relationship will help them reflect holistically as they discern, develop, and manage their unique life and service beyond seminary.

As part of our gratitude for your commitment, we’ll offer you a couple of “mentor perks” – a Seminary library card and the ability to audit residential courses for a small registration fee. (Course audits are limited to space available, one per semester, and your student must be enrolled in a TM course during that semester.)

For more information, please contact Jamie Weier.

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