Professional Development

Professional Development

Are you looking at our Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program? If so, continue reading about our Professional Development Program. If not, move on over to our Training & Mentoring section to learn more.

The process of becoming a counselor isn’t just about learning psychological theories. It’s about knowing what you can do and what you can be as a counselor and an individual.

Because this knowledge can’t be achieved on your own, all Clinical Mental Health Counseling students participate in the Professional Development (PD) program where theology, psychology, and clinical practice intersect. The PD experience draws together a network of professionals and mentors who pour into you in lasting ways. They guide you in how to transition the theoretical into your very practical daily life professionally and personally. 

The Professional Development program is designed to develop your critical counseling competencies along with your personal and professional assets. We are about helping our students thrive as people and in the calling as counselors.

The Professional Development process is:

  • Intentional – it is embedded within 4 core CMHC courses that span 4-5 semesters.
  • Individualized - students develop individualized PD plans that reflect their personal and professional goals.
  • Dedicated – a select team of faculty and associated faculty are responsible for overseeing and facilitating the PD process within the CMHC program.
  • Licensed – each member of the PD team is a Licensed Professional Counselor who actively works in the counseling profession.
  • Supportive (Relational) – each student receives support from peers, PD faculty, and mentors within the PD process and across the entirety of the CMHC program.
  • Integrated – the PD process is where theology, psychology, and clinical practice are integrated into each student’s understanding of who they are as a counselor.
  • Developmental – the PD process prepares students to be lifelong learners who actively pursue personal and professional growth beyond graduation from the CMHC program.

Learn more about the CMHC counseling program or contact Mark Whitney to learn more about becoming a mentor for our students.

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