Training and Mentoring for Students

Training and Mentoring for Students

Seminary is about growing in knowledge and missional outlook, but it’s also about character development and increasing individual capacities as a skilled and intentional Christian in the world.  Sometimes, what a student needs in these areas can’t be addressed in another class. Thus, Training and Mentoring offers each student the challenge of writing a personalized curriculum addressing character and/or professional skills.

Students who feel the tug to be more like Christ in his humility, faithfulness or compassion will be challenged to create a learning plan to address these formation needs.  A student who feels deficient in a professional skill such as becoming a clear communicator, training disciples, or leading and managing teams will utilize a professional context and develop practices to challenge his or her strengths and abilities.

Training and Mentoring involves discerning, developing and managing individual learning. It is done in relationship with a self-selected mentor who serves as a whole-life guide and in collaboration with a professor who serves as the student’s Mentoring Professor. Each student creates learning practices which create space for God to work in his or her life relationally, cognitively and experientially.

The reflective nature of Training and Mentoring challenges students to grow in competency as they seek to enter, or continue in, demanding fields of work. As a result, each man and woman will have the opportunity to explore what it looks like to live life with God for the sake of Christ and others, to increase in adult learning skills and to be more fully formed into the image of Christ both in their days in seminary and beyond.

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