Student Admissions Application

Student Admissions Application

There are a few steps in the admissions application process. You might feel excited or anxious as you begin and that's okay. Take a deep breath, you're not in this alone. God has called you to this point and now we'll be joining you. An Admissions Counselor will accompany you and will walk with you through each step.

All right, let's get started

Application for Degree-Seeking and Certificate Students. Click Step 1 to begin.

Application for Previous Denver Seminary Applicants or Students

If you have previously attended Denver Seminary or submitted an application in the past, please contact the Admissions and Financial Aid office at 303.762.6937 for reapplication steps.

Application for Non-Degree Seeking, Visiting, or Auditor Students

If you are a Non-Degree Seeking, Visiting Student or Auditor Student Applicant, please click here for more information.

Application for Doctor of Ministry

If you are a Doctor of Ministry Student Applicant,you will need to submit a Resume of your Educational and Professional Experience in an electronic format when you choose your program and track in Step 1 - Student Application for Admission .

Application for Audit Without Record

To download the Application for Audit Without Recorddownload here.

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