Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application

Despite having numerous programs available to Denver Seminary students, there are only a few steps required to apply for most types of financial aid.

Current Eligibility

Institutional Grants & Scholarships are available to eligible students and are only awarded during the Fall and Spring semesters. Minimum credits, GPA, and other specific requirements can be found in the downloadable Scholarship Guide. A new application must be submitted prior to the start of the Fall and Spring semesters by students who are seeking new or additional scholarships. A new application isn’t necessary for renewable scholarships as long as eligibility for a specific scholarship is maintained.

Register for, and maintain, at least the minimum required amount of credit hours per semester:

  • Half-time: You must be registered for at least 5 credits per semester to maintain eligibility for the Seminary Grant, and a small handful of institutional scholarships. ThM, global, and extension campus students need only be enrolled in 3 credits per semester to be eligible for half-time scholarships.
  • Full-time: You must be registered for at least 9 credits per semester to maintain eligibility for most institutional scholarships. ThM, global, and extension campus students need only be enrolled in 6 credits per semester to be eligible for full-time scholarships.

Maintain your cumulative GPA

All students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. Be aware of your scholarship's specific requirements.

Award Letter

If you have been awarded a scholarship, its name can be found on the Student Portal via the Award Letter or under ‘My Finances, Account Information, Registration Bill’ (until it is actually disbursed, at which point it will become its own line item under your actual Account Information).

Applying for Grants & Scholarships

Note: International students can go straight to step 2 since the FAFSA is a federal application (financial need status will be determined through other aspects of the application process).

How do I apply?

  1. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  2. Complete an Online Scholarship Application.
  3. Respond to your award offers via the Award Letter which can be found on your Student Portal. You will receive an email notification when you have awards pending.

Application Deadlines

Priority is given to applications fully completed (including the FAFSA and having an 'accepted' status into a degree program) by the end of the business day (5:00pm MST) of April 1st for Fall-starts, or November 1st for Spring-starts (or the following business day if one of these days fall on a weekend). The deadline for Doctor of Ministry scholarship applications is September 1st for Fall scholarships and March 1st for Spring scholarships.

Applications submitted after the priority deadline will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee the following applicable month (e.g. a Fall-start application submitted before May 1st will be reviewed in May). Results are always communicated via email ASAP and by the end of the applicable month at the very latest (e.g. an applicant that submitted a complete application by April 1st will be notified of results by April 30th).

Apply Online

External Scholarship Resources

Each of these sites have been reviewed by the Financial Aid Office and have been determined to be valid resources. As you begin to apply, be a smart consumer!  Beware of scams and services that charge a fee to search for scholarships on your behalf. You should not have to pay for this information.