Financial Aid Options

Financial Aid Options

Denver Seminary Scholarships

Institutional grants, scholarships and tuition discounts are available to qualified students for the fall and spring semesters of each academic year. 

Kingdom Scholarship Application

A 50% tuition scholarship for MDiv students committed to pastoral ministry. The purpose of the Kingdom Scholars Endowed Scholarship is to provide tuition assistance for deserving MDiv students pursuing careers in full-time ministry (pastor, youth pastor, worship pastor, counselor, church planter, missionary). The deadline for the Kingdom Scholarship is  March 1.

Apply for the Kingdom Scholarship

Engaging Hope Scholarship Application

A 50-100% scholarship primarily geared towards international and minority students. The purpose of the Engaging Hope Scholarship is to provide scholarships for new students. The goal of the scholarship is to make seminary education more accessible and affordable primarily for international and minority students. The deadline for the Engaging Hope Scholarship is April 1.

Apply for the Engaging Hope Scholarship

How do I apply?

For complete details on Denver Seminary scholarships and to access the Scholarship Application, please visit the financial aid application page.

Work Study

At Denver Seminary we disburse our federal work study funds to our various institutional departments. Those departments then advertise work study positions alongside other available on-campus positions. The student must be at least at half-time status (3+ credits/semester) to be eligible for work study, and most on-campus jobs require at least full-time status (6+ credits/semester). Exceptions to this rule are interim terms (Intersession & Summer) and the semester prior to graduation. Those who are hired will see work study funds disbursed to them through a monthly paycheck and not part of their Award Letter.

  • Check out current work study openings here.

How do I apply?

Complete your FAFSA and the Financial Aid Office will determine your eligibility based on unmet financial need.

Tuition Discounts

Unlike grants and scholarships, tuition discounts are not competitive. The discount will be awarded if the applicant qualifies. Like grants and scholarships, discounts are subject to the terms and conditions listed in the Academic Catalog.

Church Partnership Discount

A ten percent tuition discount available to students who have church sponsorship of forty percent or more of the student’s tuition. Please contact Financial Aid for more information.

Cru Discount

A tuition discount for students who are full-time employees of Cru in the Great Plains region.

Navigators Discount

A tuition discount for students who are full-time employees of Navigators who wish to pursue an advanced certificate, diploma, or degree.

Project Bridges

A 25% tuition discount for Denver Seminary students enrolled in the programs offered at the Washington DC campus. Students must meet these requirements:

  • Be a member or employee in good standing at a church that is a member of Project Bridges.
  • Be an employee of an organization that is a member of Project Bridges.

To apply please complete the Project Bridges Tuition Scholarship Application and have your church or organization send it to Project Bridges via FAX at 301-262-0305 or EMAIL to . If your church or organization isn’t a member of Project Bridges, please visit for more information.

Spouse Half-Tuition Discount

A 50% tuition discount available to spouses of full-time students. Both the student and spouse must be attending Denver Seminary concurrently and be enrolled in master’s-level courses, with the discount applied to the spouse at the lesser amount of credits. It is not necessary for the spouse receiving the discount to be enrolled in a degree program.

How do I apply?

Complete and submit the Scholarship Application to the Financial Aid Office.

Veterans Benefits

Denver Seminary works with the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that eligible recipients of veterans educational benefits obtain the assistance that is available. The Post-9/11 GI Bill is one example of an amazing program that far surpasses anything like it in the history of veterans educational benefits. This section addresses details of the program that apply to Denver Seminary students.

In an effort to better help veterans compare costs between different schools and programs, Denver Seminary has made available the nationwide standard Shopping Sheet. This document outlines the basic costs of attending our school along with the standard financial aid options available should additional aid be needed beyond what is provided by your veteran’s educational benefits. You’ll find a basic version of the Shopping Sheet with information on Cost of Attendance and loan options. Scholarships and Work Study availability varies from student to student – check in with the financial aid office to find out more about what you might qualify for.

How do I apply?

Complete all applicable application steps listed under the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

Ministry Residency Program

Denver Seminary in cooperation with front-range ministry partners has created a Ministry Residency Program where hand-selected student applicants, work for ministries part-time gaining practical, apprenticed learning while concurrently-earning up to a full-tuition paid seminary Master of Divinity or Master of Arts degree.

How do I apply?

Contact the Ministry Residency Coordinator, Dan MacLeay for availability and details.

Interested ministries must complete a pledge form every semester. Due by August 18, 2017 for the Fall 2017 semester.

Complete the Pledge Form

For available openings for the Ministry Residency Program, please click here.

External Scholarship Resources

Each of these sites have been reviewed by the Financial Aid Office and have been determined to be valid resources. As you begin to apply, be a smart consumer!  Beware of scams and services that charge a fee to search for scholarships on your behalf.  You should not have to pay for this information.

Career One Stop Sallie Mae's College Answer
The College Board's Big Future Scholarship Experts
College Data Scholarship Monkey
College Net
Fast Web Seminary Scholarships
Free-4u Student Scholarship Search
FTE's Fund Finder SuperCollege
Military Scholarship Finder TG's Adventures In Education

Student Loans

Students in need for further financial aid can apply for student loans. These include federal loans, such as the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and the Federal Direct PLUS Loan, in addition to Alternative/Private Loans and International Student Loans.

How do I apply?

For a full list of available student loans with details and application steps, please visit the student loan application page.