Free Online Classes

Free Online Classes

Learn about the God of the Bible. Grow in your understanding of Scripture. Deepen your faith and desire to share the gospel.

Denver Seminary's free online courses will bring our professors into your living room, office, and church with grounded Bible teaching that has been the hallmark of our school for over 70 years. Start anytime and work at your own pace!


Be Prepared to Give an Answer: Christian Apologetics
In this course, Dr. Douglas Groothuis, professor of philosophy, will give a comprehensive introduction to Christian apologetics. He will discuss the nature of apologetics, how to defend objective truth, the nature of the Christian worldview, the arguments for God’s existence, and some objections to the Christian faith such as the problem of evil. 

Finding and Following Your God-Given Calling
 Dr. Angie Ward, assistant director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, will lead you through lessons that are aimed at discovering and developing your God-given calling. Dr. Ward will introduce different ways we can define “calling,” how individuals can move through a process of discerning what God is calling them to do with their lives, and how this can be lived out practically and faithfully. 

Unlocking the Parables of Jesus
In this course, Dr. Craig Blomberg explains the interpretive frameworks we can use to better understand the meanings of the parables. Beginning with the Parables of "The Prodigal Son", you will explore dozens of the stories Jesus told about the Kingdom of God and what it means to follow him. 

What's That Book About? 
Perhaps you're familiar with the Bible, but not with the over-arching story this book unfolds to us from its beginning in Genesis to its conclusion in Revelation. Discover the themes that unite these 66 books into a cohesive narrative. And discover the essential part you play in this big story. 

*These courses are not intended for credit towards any Denver Seminary degree program.

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