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¿Amas a deportistas, Españoles y Jesús? ¡Pues mira esta oportunidad!

About…Proyecto Málaga (Missional Iniciative Málaga)
Malaga is a city where sport is flourishing. We believe that God wants to use sports to reach people who don ́t know Him and wouldn ́t get to know Him in a traditional church context. There is a lot of religiosity which opens doors to talk about spirituality. The good news is that the people live with spiritual hunger and thirst. We need to create bridges that will bring people to the feet of Jesus so they can be fully restored.

The role...
We are looking for people who are mature in their faith and commitment to Jesus and identify with the mission and values of Communitas and are available for a minimum of 4 years. This would be a person who loves sport and has experience serving the sports community (coach, trainer, bio mechanic, player, etc.) This person must have a high level of fluency in Spanish, being either Spanish or having adapted to the Spanish culture. Also, it is essential that this person has a passion for the need for new expressions of the church.

We'd prefer the following, but are open to things being a little different...
● This person has a passion to take care of people, the type of person who calls you when you really need it.
● Is moved with compassion when they see people who don ́t know Jesus
● Enjoys starting up new projects and innovating.
● Able to think and dream beyond the already established.
● Understands that a pastor/leader is not a stand-alone man of all trades.
● Passion and compassion for meeting the social needs like Jesus did.
● Sees participation in sports as one way that a believer can worship God. Missionary to China and Olympic athlete Eric Liddell said "I believe God made me for China. But he also made me fast. And when I run I feel his pleasure."
● Someone you can share your fears and secrets with without worrying they will use it against you.
● Does everything for the glory of Jesus, or at least tries ;).
● Able to work without a boss looking over his/her shoulder.
● Enjoys working as a team.

“God is opening doors daily into the lives of Malagüenans. I love to work with Communitas because here I discovered I ́m not alone in the desire for church to be more than a Sunday service.” - Ellen, Missional Initiative Malaga, Spain

** How is this role funded? The salary and ministry expenses of this position are funded through personal support raising, bi-vocational funding or self-funding. Applicants will be asked to go through the Communitas Missionary Candidate Process including fundraising if needed and orientation prior to starting the position. A funding plan for this position will be provided during the deputation process.

To Apply: For more information fill out our contact form and specify your interest for this job. We look forward to hearing from you!

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