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Job Board


  • Director of Training
  • Communitas International
  • Posted: 4/8/2021
  • Salary/Range: Personal support raising is required to fund the salary of this position.
  • Location
  • Denver, CO


This position (either full time or part time, depending on availability) is responsible for the oversight of CI training: both curriculum content development and delivery across the organization. This position sits within the Ministry Support Team area of Communitas, providing operational support to all staff for the duration of their service with the organization.

General Responsibilities
Coordinate and facilitate training and coaching initiatives across CI ensuring consistency in training approach and philosophy. Ensure all training reflects CI culture, values, vision and mission. Includes but not limited to:
Work closely with Regional Advancement leadership to determine training and coaching needs for church planting among regional staff and projects. With an emphasis on coaching methodology, determine training strategy and delivery systems for each region. This may include national leadership and diverse language groups.
Support Senior Leadership team and Staff Care and Development team in developing ongoing leadership training delivered via annual Summit conferences and FUEL.
Collaborate with and support both HR and Staff Care and Development to provide training and assessment for staff personal and leadership development that focuses on character and competencies.
Respond to requests from field leadership and Advancement teams for specialized training and coaching related to CI staff.
Collaborate with conference planning teams to support training goals of Advancement and Senior Leadership teams.
Oversee online training environment
Supervise Learning Management System manager in facilitation of all training cohorts and maintenance of Learning content.
Work with all relevant CI teams to create and maintain core training materials for staff on-boarding.
Update other documents and modules as requested
Collaborate with Content Specialists to develop new modules for the Learning Hub
Work with website host / developer to troubleshoot, maintain, manage and update Learning Hub as needed
Finances: allocate and manage annual training budget
Provide oversight for training liaisons
Recruit, train, coach and oversee regional training liaison staff as needed
Lead regular training team meetings via Zoom
Ensure that all Training initiatives and new materials in the Learning Hub are publicized to all CI staff via Inside Communitas, CI Facebook pages, etc.
Assure sufficient time on personal Ministry Partner Development; during some seasons, this may increase significantly, depending on funding levels.
Maintain sufficient support levels to allow for full salary is encouraged, as determined by a support plan; minimal support levels are required
As needed, engage in coaching around MPD training and accountability
Hold direct reports accountable for their MPD funding
Maintains a learning posture and growing walk with Christ.
Maintains a positive and encouraging spirit.
Maintains a strong commitment to the mission, vision, values and statement of faith of Communitas.
Maintains a commitment to excellence and service orientation.
Maintains absolute discretion in matters of confidentiality.
Maintains Ministry Partner Development in order to have sustainable mission support.

To Apply: For more information fill out our contact form and specify your interest via We look forward to hearing from you!

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