Chapel - Fall 2018

Chapel - Fall 2018

Fall 2018




August 27-28

Inaugural Chapel Services
President Dr. Mark Young
The Resurrection Changes Everything, Part 1 | Part 2

September 3 

No Chapel (Labor Day) N/A

September 4

Beginning of the Academic Year

September 10-11

Dr. Lynn Cohick
Provost and Dean
I AM the Resurrection and the Life

September 17-18

Michelle Jones
Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation at ImagoDei PDX
Redeeming Community

Reclaiming Culture

September 24-25

Dr. Jeff Denlinger
President of WorldVenture
When God Calls


October 1-2 

VGI Hosts: The Kent Mathews Lectureship
with Dr. Ylli Doci
Globalization, Vertigo, and Christian Responsibility

Nationalism and Democratic Sovereignty

Anchored and Layered Identity

October 8-9

Nirup Alphonse
Local Pastor of LifeGate Church

October 15-16

Dr. Erin Heim
Assistant Professor of New Testament
Remember Me When You Come Into Your Kingdom: Resurrection, Memory, and Justice

The Resurrection of the Body and the #MeToo Movement

October 22-23

Dr. Jim Wilder
Psychologist and creator of The Life Model
Spiritual Formation & Neuroscience: Attachment

Spiritual Formation & Neuroscience: Mutual Mind States

October 29-30

Dr. Doug Groothuis
Professor of Philosophy
The Wisdom of Vapor

November 5-6

Jared Mackey
Executive Director & Lead Pastor of The Sacred Grace
The Dirt is in the Blood

The Blood is in the Dirt

November 12

Biblical Studies Division Hosts: Dr. Cynthia Long Westfall Surprised by Lydia

November 13

Biblical Studies Division Hosts: Rev. Dr. Hugh G. M. Williamson Speak Lord - But What Is He Saying?

November 19-20

No Chapel (Thanksgiving) N/A

November 26-27

Self-Directed Prayer and Reflection N/A

December 3-4

Candlelight Advent Services N/A

December 10-11

No Chapel (Christmas) N/A
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