Chapel - Spring 2017

Chapel - Spring 2017

Spring 2017




January 24-25

Dr. Mark Young, Denver Seminary President, Inaugural Chapel Services

One Mission, One Gospel

January 30-31

David Garrison, Executive Directer Global Gates Mission Agency

How God is at Work and How I can Join Him

February 6-7

Brandon Washington

A United Church as a Model to the World

February 13-14

Dr. Knut Heim, Professor of Old Testament

February 20-21

Tommy Politz, Senior Pastor, Hillside Christian Church

This One Thing Will Change Your Entire Ministry

February 27-28

Student Preachers: Ian Ferguson and Robert Naughton

March 6-7

Dr. Mitch Glaser, President, Chosen People Ministries

Urgency of Jewish Evangelism
Paul's Heart for His People

March 13-14

Student Preachers: Jessica Shuholm and Joe Ratterman

Surprised by Real StrengthOur Purpose is to Equip Others to Live Out Their Purpose

March 20-21

Student Preachers: Courtney Steitz and Elliot Campbell

Are You Really Who You Say You Are?
The Sin of Achan

April 3-4

Shannon Lectureship: Mark Hallock

Leading with Humility
Leading with Encouragement


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