Chapel - Common Ground

Chapel - Common Ground

Common Ground Chapel Services

Common Ground chapel services are held on Mondays and Tuesdays at 11:00am at the Denver campus. Speakers are invited from the Seminary community, the Denver area, and from around the world. Faculty, staff, students, and their spouses come together to demonstrate the importance of unity as we worship, learn, and pray together.

Special Events

Special events such as Holy Week services, brown bag Q&A sessions, and seminars are regularly scheduled throughout the year. Check Campus News for a current schedule of events. Services are open to the public. You are invited to come and rejoice with us.

Chapel Schedule & Archives

(Please note that the chapel schedule is subject to change. We post changes to the schedule as quickly as the information is available.)

Attendance at Common Ground

An attendance report is due at the end of each semester which can be completed on Moodle. Common Ground attendance requirements are 3 semesters for MA students and 5 semesters for MDiv students. Satisfactory attendance is defined as attendance at a minimum of ten services per semester. Students may attend either Monday or Tuesday (11:00-11:50am). Students completing two degree programs must fulfill the attendance requirements for one degree only. In the case of a combined MDiv and MA degrees, the MDiv requirements apply. Students whose schedules do not permit them to be on campus at the regularly scheduled days or times for Common Ground may discuss their circumstances with the Student Services Coordinator, Whitney Russell.


There is at least one conference or lectureship per semester scheduled for Monday and Tuesday from 11:00-11:50am. Students are required to attend conferences, lectureships or special events any morning they are on campus for classes. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities regardless of their class schedules.

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