Student Housing

Student Housing

Denver Seminary’s main campus is in a prime location in the Denver Metro area. It sits just above the historic South Platte River and has spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains from almost every window and bench on campus. Situated just south of downtown Denver there are several housing options for students. From apartments on campus (that allow students and residents to walk directly onto the walking/bike path that runs for miles throughout the city along rivers and green spaces) to apartment complexes around Littleton, basements for rent, houses for sale or rent, there are great options for living while studying at Denver Seminary. Below are some ways to get you started on your housing search.

On-Campus Student Housing

Community life is an important part of the entire seminary experience, and living on-campus is one of the best ways to fully experience Denver Seminary's close-knit, supportive environment. This environment, combined with convenience and affordable rental rates, makes on-campus housing a desirable option for many students. Read more about On-Campus Housing.

Off-Campus Housing

For those students who choose to live off campus, there are hundreds of options available in the surrounding areas. If you have a home to offer, if you're looking for a home to rent, be sure to check out our Off-Campus Housing information.

Off-Campus Housing Forum

Please follow the link to go directly to our off-campus housing forum.

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