Educational Technology Course Builder Work Study

General Statement of Job Function

Responsible for assisting with educational technology processes and functions such as building and updating online class web sites, working with digital media, and some faculty and student support.

Example of Duties

(This may not include all of the duties assigned.)

  • Assist with building online course sites in Course Management System (Moodle).
  • Cross-checking syllabi and online course sites for correct dates and correct information on assignments, titles, and resources.
  • Building Interactive Learning Activities in the Moodle course management system.
  • Work with Educational Technology Team on projects where appropriate. This includes media production such as video editing.


The most critical skill is a willingness to learn new software and core principles of teaching and learning. The Educational technology team will provide training for specific tasks: Learning Management System (Moodle), basic video editing, formatting, etc. Priority skills include: high-level of attention to detail, thorough in cross-checking of work, and aptitude in problem-solving.


Student at Denver Seminary with any prior experience that has helped to develop the skills listed above.


The Technology Assistant’s accountability is measured in the success of completing tasks on time and with accuracy.

Typical Physical Demands and Working Conditions

Frequent sitting, standing and walking are part of this job. There may be occasional pushing, pulling, lifting, stooping, bending, and balancing as necessary, but frequent twisting and turning at the waist will occur. Because of the nature of the job, corrected vision and good hearing are necessary. The majority of the work is performed inside an enclosed work area, though some is performed in the various offices across the campus. Flexibility in project scheduling is also necessary.

Denver Seminary is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence in all areas of ministry and operations.

Application Process

Willingness to support Denver Seminary’s vision, sign the National Association of Evangelicals Faith Statement, and abide by the Seminary’s Community Values and Behavioral Commitments is required.

Eligibility Form. In order to apply for a Work Study position, please fill out this eligibility form and submit it to for approval.

Employment Application. Once you receive approval from financial aid, please complete the following forms and submit to