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Job category: Missions
Job type: part-time
Name: Emmanuel Baptist Chapel
Location: 687 Bobo Section Rd, Hazel Green, Alabama 35750
Job title: Co-Pastor
Job description: This would be good for a person with a heart for church planting and ability to witness. Candidate must be comfortable with expository preaching from pastor/church planter in systematic book study ministry. After phone interview, a tape of sermon or Bible study will be requested if mutual interest. Must be able to teach Bible books on Sunday evening or Wednesday service.
Compensation: Provide housing allowance of $500.00/month. A minivan is provided with gas for all church visitation and use. $500.00 moving expense. Will advance:
1) 2 months and moving expense: $1500.00;
2) 2 months for second month - $1,000.00 then remaining housing allowance agreed for the
Presently parsonage is available
Other info: We presently are looking for a couple who is married.
Send resume by email to:, or Emmanuel Baptist Chapel, 687 Bobo Section Rd, Hazel Green, Alabama 35750.
We are traditional in worship. We have a country church building which will seat 100 people which was given to us. A person who becomes successful to disciple new members will be rewarded quickly as the church grows. This would be a great opportunity for a student who wants to see how successful he is in discipleship skills. The community is fast growing. We have only about 8-12 attendance.
Post Job until: filled.
Contact person: Donnie Stone
Contact address: same as above
Contact phone: cell: (931)698-9742
Email: Prefer resume by email:
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