Fred Gingrich Publications

Fred Gingrich Publications

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Recent Publications

"Strengthening Family Resilience to Trauma." In Treating Trauma in Christian Counseling and Psychotherapy. IVP, 2017.

"Pastoral Counseling in the Philippines: A Perspective from the West." In International Perspectives on Pastoral Counseling. Routledge, 2002.
ISBN: 978-0789019233

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Books Contributed To

  • Gingrich, F. (in press). Strengthening family resilience to trauma. In J. Aten & D. Walker, Treating trauma in Christian counseling and psychotherapy. Downers Grove, IL: IVP.
  • Gingrich, F. (2002). Pastoral counseling in the Philippines: A perspective from the West (2002). In J. R. Farris (Ed.), International perspectives on pastoral counseling (pp. 5-55). New York, NY: Haworth Press.

Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Articles

  • Gingrich, F., & Smith, B. (2014). Global realities, cultural diversity and Christian responses: Introduction to a special issue. Journal of Psychology & Christianity, 33(2), 99-100.
  • Gingrich, F., & Smith, B. (Eds.). (2014). JPC Special Issue: Psychology in global context. Journal of Psychology & Christianity, 33(2).
  • Smith, B., & Gingrich, F. (2014). Psychology in the context of holistic mission: The challenges of witness, worldview and poverty. Journal of Psychology & Christianity, 33(2), 101-113.
  • Gingrich, F., & Smith, B. (2014). Culture and ethnicity in Christianity/psychology integration: Review and future directions. Journal of Psychology & Christianity, 33(2), 139-155.
  • Gingrich, H. D., & Gingrich, F. (2011). Integration and attachment theory: A response to Greggo. Edification, 5(1), 16-19.
  • Worthington, E., Hunter, J. L., Sharp, C. B., Hook, J. N., Van Tongeren, D. R., Davis, D. E., Miller, A. J., Gingrich, F., Sandage, S. J., Lao, E., Bubod, L., & Monforte-Milton, M. (2010). A psychoeducational intervention to promote forgiveness in Christians in the Philippines. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 32(1), 75-93.
  • Gingrich, F. (2008). “Christian counseling as mission”: Reflections from a missionary integrationist. (2008). Edification:  Journal of the Society for Christian Psychology 2(2), 16-19.
  • Denney, R. M., Aten, J. D., & Gingrich, F. (2008). Using spiritual self-disclosure in counseling and psychotherapy. Journal of Psychology & Theology, 36(4), 294-302.
  • Gingrich, F., & Worthington Jr., E. L. (2007). Supervision and the integration of faith into clinical practice: Research considerations. Journal of Psychology & Christianity, 26(4), 342-355.
  • Gingrich, F. (2004). Attachment or differentiation-of-self: Competing or complementary theoretical orientations in contemporary relational therapies. Marriage & Family: A Christian Journal, 7(1), 33-49.
  • Gingrich, F. (2003). Complementary delusions in premarital counseling. American Journal of Pastoral Counseling, 6(4), 51-72.
  • Gingrich, F. (2002). Pastoral counseling in the Philippines: A perspective from the West. American Journal of Pastoral Counseling, 5(1-2), 5-55.
  • Gingrich, F. (2002). Who's the client?: Counseling with a missionary family on the field. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 21(1), 57-61.
  • Gingrich, F. (2001). A family systems model of marriage and family therapy supervision. Marriage & Family: A Christian Journal, 4(4), 343-365.
  • Gingrich, F. (1997). Why I'm an egalitarian: A personal reflection. One, 1-3. Reprinted (Spring, 1998) in Priscilla Papers, 12(2), 3-5.

Magazine, Dictionary, and Encyclopedia Articles

  • Gingrich, F. & Gingrich, H. D. (2011). Mood disorders. In T. Clinton & R. Hawkins (Eds.). The Popular Encyclopedia of Christian Counseling (pp. 205-208). Irvine, CA: Harvest House.
  • Gingrich, F. (2010). Sexual sins. In B. Demarest & K. J. Matthews (Eds.), Dictionary of everyday theology and culture.  Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress.
  • Gingrich, F., & Gingrich, H.D. (2007, summer). Making the marriage bed. Mutuality: The Voice for Christians for Biblical Equality, 8-10.
  • Gingrich, F. (2007, spring). Reflections on Christian counseling at Denver Seminary. Denver Seminary Magazine, 3(1), 9-10.
  • Gingrich, F., & Gingrich, H. D., (2005). (Issue Eds.). Phronesis, 12(1), 3-6. (Published by the Asian Theological Seminary/Alliance Graduate School, Philippines.)
  • Gingrich, F., (2005). Boundaries in ministry. Phronesis, 12(1), 27 - 54. (Published by Asian Theological Seminary/Alliance Graduate School, Philippines.)
  • Gingrich, F. (2002). Joining forces: The Christian counselor and the pastor. Phronesis, 9(2), 71 - 86. (Published by the Asian Theological Seminary/Alliance Biblical Seminary, Philippines.)
  • Gingrich, F., (2004, Sept). Strength for the task: Support means more than finances for the missionary. Alliance Life, 16-18.
  • Smith, B. M., & Gingrich, F. (2011). The Cape Town Declaration: A bolder vision for “Counseling As Mission” worldwide. Christian Counseling Today, 18(3), 12-16.
  • Gingrich, F., & Gingrich, H. D. (1999). Dual counselor marriages: A unique challenge. Christian Counseling Today, 7(3), 14-15.
  • Gingrich, F. (2000). Christian counseling in the Philippines. Christian Counseling Connection, 1, 4-5.

Book Reviews

  • Gingrich, F. (2012). Counseling and Christianity: Five approaches by S. P. Greggo & T. Sisemore [Book review]. Denver Journal,15.
  • Gingrich, F. (2012). No ordinary marriage: Together for God’s glory by T. Savage [Book review]. Denver Journal,15.

Other Publications

  • Gingrich, F. (Ed.). (2003, May). A proposed mission statement, statement of faith and code of ethics for the Philippine Association of Christian Counselors. Unpublished document.
  • Gingrich, F. (1994, Nov). To lead or counsel. Communications, 7. (Published by the Congregational Christian Churches in Canada.)
  • Gingrich, F. (1993, Feb). The struggle with priorities. Spokes, 15(3), 1. (Published by Emmanuel Bible College.)
  • Smith, B., Collins, G. R., Cruz, E., Cruz, P., Cruz, S., Cruz Jr., S., Dueck, A., Gingrich, F., Hughes, D., Mwiti, G., Vuncannon, J., & Warlow, J. (2011). The Cape Town declaration on care and counsel as mission.

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