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Job Board

Youth and Children's Ministry

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  • Cowiche, WA


Highland Community Church: A healthy developing church with a vision to reach our local community and the world with the love and message of Jesus.

Highland Community Church (HCC) is an independent, non-denominational, evangelical church.
The Catholic church and Highland Community Church are the two major churches in the community.
Weekly average church attendance 120 (80 adults, 40 children)
Influence (interact at least once in three months) 200
Adults 110
Children 75
Youth 15

Community demographics
Population: 3400
School district 1,050 students
Elementary 550
7-12 500

Highland Community Church is in a small community just west of Yakima, Washington. The small cities of Tieton and Cowiche make up the community of Highland. Agriculture is the primary economic driver of the community. Highland Community Church is surrounded by apple orchards.

The weather is sunny and the pace is relaxed. There is an abundance of outdoor activities available: hiking, dirt biking, snowmobiling, sailing, rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking… Mount Rainier National Park is 75 minutes away.

The Lead pastor was a youth pastor and is strongly supportive of a cutting-edge youth ministry. The lead pastor initiated a dirt bike ministry that now has 13 dirt bikes (only had to call 911 once so far).
Each year the church puts on a VBS in the town square of Tieton that draws 250 children
The church and the school district have a great relationship.
The church is active and well respected in the community.
The youth in the community attend one high school and one junior high.

Note: The youth ministry, for various reasons, is struggling at this time. This is a rebuilding scenario.
Responsible for 4th thru 12th grade program.
Primary responsibility at this time will be to direct 4-8 grade.
Students: After school program for 4th – 6th grade, Sunday school for 4th – 6th grade, weekly youth meeting,
small group Bible study, individual mentoring, service and mission trips
Leaders: seek out and nurture adult leaders
Parents: interact and communicate well with parents,

Optional but on our dream list: Able to lead youth worship
A minimum of 45 hours per week is expected.
Note: we are a small church that requires flexibility and a willingness to cheerfully be involved in other service and ministries as needs arise.

The two most important qualifications of the person we are looking for is that they have a passionate love for God and for people, particularly youth. Education is valued but it is not the primary consideration.
Highland Community Church makes a great effort to reach the kids in the community. Many children and youth who participate in our programs come from very dysfunctional families. Intentional, expressed love and supernatural patience are required.
Perceived risk is a significant, acceptable and expected aspect of youth ministry. An active program will be encouraged and strongly supported by the lead pastor. Lead pastor’s philosophy is that bones heal and ceiling tiles can be replaced.
The youth pastor will be given much freedom to be creative.

Salary: up to $48,000 depending on experience, education and passion

To Apply: Phil Claussen (509) 406-3735

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