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Female Roommate

1BR in basement

Location: Platte Park
Move-in Date: 07/30/22
Rent Range: $1100

Enjoy this quiet and comfy home away from home in the desirable Platte Park neighborhood! Basement room includes closet, twin bed, privacy, built in dresser, vanity and storage. Large comfortable sitting area outside of bedroom. Upstairs includes shared and furnished living room, dining room, bathroom and full kitchen with all essential amenities. Large, comfortable couch, dining room table, washer and dryer, dishwasher and fenced back patio with grill. There is a small park to enjoy just next to the house!

I live in the upstairs bedroom with my golden, Oakley. I am a female teacher in my mid-twenties and am gone most days during the week.

Open to short or longer term lease.

To Apply: Hannah Rawson. 719.649.2676. Hannah.rawson95@gmail.com