Housing Board

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Female Roommate

4 BR Home Kitchen Pool, Street Parking

Location: Aurora , Peoria & Parker
Application: coming soon
Move-in Date: Available Now
Rent Range: $600 -$750/mo.

5 minute walk to 9 mile park and ride, Shared housing, Ring camera system at both door entries, unfurnished rooms, Tread mill and weight room in basement which has washer and dryer , currently basement is under construction with additional 5th & restroom. Fireplace in Living room, 

Basic house rules:The following conditions apply:
 Rent is to be $600 per month, payable on the 1 st day of the month (sept
2023 prorated to $533.33).
 Deposit of $500 to be paid at time of lease signing, to be returned at move
out assuming no damages.
 This lease ends the last day of May 2023. At that point the option to
renew until the last day of June 2023 may be granted at the owners
 Agreement to “House Rules” as attached.
 First violation of rules will result in a warning, the second – a fine of $25
and the third – a notice to vacate within 2 weeks, with all current rent
forfeited as well as any deposit paid.
 30-day notice to terminate tenancy must be given in writing prior to the
first of the month to apply towards the next month. – This only applies if
lease terms extend past June 2023
(For example, any notice given after the 2 nd day of January will be for the month of
February and the last day of tenancy will be the last day of February.)
 Owners agree to give 30 day’s written notice of any changes to agreement
 All changes to agreement must be made in writing.
 Rent is due prior to 8 am the first day of the month.
 Rent is accepted in cash, check, cashiers check or money order.
 Rent is accepted any time prior to the 1 st and will not be cashed until the 1 st
day of the month.
 $50 per day late fee charged after 8 am on the first day of the month.
 $50 bounced check fee if taken care of with in 24 hours.
 $25 bounced check fee each additional day.

The following rules are to encourage quiet and enjoyful use of our house. You
are renting a room in our home, not the entire home. We’re a house of
professionals, not partiers. It’s not a dorm room, party hall, ongoing party or frat
house. We all work hard, and enjoy our time off, and we want home to be a
place we can relax.
Exceptions can apply if brought to our attention in advance.
Common Space
Includes all doors, entryways, and walkways leading to the house. The
basement living room. The main floor living room, kitchen, bathroom(s), laundry
room, downstairs workout room and downstairs living room. The front yard, back
yard .
 Do not leave personal belongings in common space.
 Do not enter others private space without permission.
 Please keep exterior doors locked at all times.
 Do not store belongings in common space.
 Do not alter decorations or put nails in walls or change layout of common
Cleaning and Chores
Everyone enjoys a clean and well-maintained house. We all will share in this
 Each level is to be cleaned and maintained by the occupants of that
particular level (private bedroom, shared bath and halls, basement living
room and theatre room). This includes but it not limited to vacuuming at
least every two weeks, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms and cleaning
personal space.
 Owners will provide all cleaning supplies and most are located in the
laundry room. The vacuum is located in upstairs coat closet and vacuum
supplies in upstairs coat closet. Broom and dustpan are in up stairs coat
closet. Advise Jess if supplies are low.
 Be sure vacuum bag is not overfull, clean out bag when half full.
 Always return supplies immediately after use.
 Certain chores will be divided up by person, such as taking the trash out to
the dumpster and shoveling snow done by HOA On occasion feel free to clear sidewalk so it doesn’t ice over with shade. Every time a
roommate changes, the chores may change as well.
 Keep all common area’s clean and clear of clutter.
Garage Spaces
 No garage space is available for personal use. 
 Keep all common area’s clean and clear of clutter.
Garage Spaces
 No garage space is available for personal use.

 All large trash items should be taken to the dumpster. DO NOT place your
garbage from other areas in the kitchen garbage.
 If a garbage can is full, remove bag, tie it, and place in dumpster.
 Replacement bags are under the kitchen sink. Advise Jess if supplies are
 If you use the garage garbage cans, you are responsible to remove the
bag when full to the dumpster.
Guests and Pets
 Guests are not allowed to enter the house without knocking or without you
here to let them in. Roomates are not bellboys and will not answer the
door for your visitors.
 Guests overnight more often than 1 night per calendar month will be
charged $20 per night to the roommate. (Exceptions can apply with
advanced notice.)
 Out of town guest must be cleared ahead of time.
 No additional pets allowed.
 Visiting pets must be approved ahead of time and supervised at all times.
The roommate is responsible for any and all additional cleaning.
 Any overnight pets must be approved in advance.
 Parking is an issue and we try to only park in front of our home on street
parking. Please advise guests of this issue. Fines will apply if violated on
a regular basis.
 You are welcome to use any and all kitchen items. This includes dishes,
mixers, blenders, pots & pans, and any other item located in the kitchen.
will be responsible for replacing it, and it is EXPENSIVE.
 All cookware and knifes is hand wash only, no dishwasher. Everything
else can go into dishwasher.
 Please return items to the location you found them, and ask someone if
you do not know where they go.
 DO NOT, under any circumstances, use any other persons food. If you
didn’t buy it, it’s not yours!
 If the dishwasher is near full or full, run it.
 If the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, unload it. If you do not know
where an item goes, leave it on the counter.
 Do not leave dishes in the sink unless the dishwasher is currently running
or the dish is soaking.
 Return all dirty dishes to kitchen in timely manner.

 Purchase your own laundry supplies and keep in allotted space.
 Try not to leave laundry unattended in washer or dryer.
 If someone’s laundry is left unattended, rotate from washer to dryer or
from dryer to basket.
the clothes owners to remove them.
 If you have something that can’t be dried normally, DO NOT leave it
unattended, or someone may rotate it inadvertently.
 Laundry garbage is for lint and laundry related garbage only, not personal
 Parking is shared on the street in front of our house or in paved area near
 Do not block any garage spaces by parking behind them.
 Do not park in front of neighbor’s houses unless all other options are
 Advise guests in advance where to park and not to park.
 Food storage is designated and labeled in pantry.
 Refrigerator and freezer space will be allotted at the time of move-in.
 Do not use someone else’s space regardless of whether they are using it
or not.
 If you require any additional storage space, please ask.
Yard .

 Owners will maintain yards, but help is appreciated from time to time.
 No loud music at any time.
 Do not use it if it disturbs another roommate or neighbors,
 You are welcome to use the BBQ, but please inform Jess if the propane
tank is running low. If you use it regularly, we would appreciate your filling
a propane tank once in a while.
 Any BBQ’s, parties or multiple guests must be cleared with Jess prior to
 Do not charge Pay Per View movies to owners account without asking.
 No drugs, under aged drinking or other illegal activities allowed.
 Do not let the dogs or cats out, and if you do inadvertently, put them back.
 Do not treat the dogs or cats in any manner in which you would not treat your
 During the winter, do not leave any doors or windows open unless you
have closed all furnace/a/c vents, and make sure to close windows when

you leave. After one warning, you will be required to pay the next monthly
utility bill which averages $390 per month.
 If you use the BBQ outside on a regular basis, fill the propane tanks.
 NO SMOKING of any kind, allowed in or outside of the house.
 Do not turn off Cable box in living room at any time, it disrupts recordings.
 Do not under any circumstance give a key to the property to anyone.
 Put away all items left outside to dry within 24 hours.
 All exterior doors must be kept locked at all times.
 Once notice to vacate is given to owners, all common and private spaces must be
kept clean and orderly for the purpose of showing the room to new roommates.
We will try to give advance notice of showings, but that may not always be an
option. We will be allowed to show the private room anytime 30 days prior to
vacating. Your cooperation with us showing your private room to new potential
tenants will be rewarded our sincere appreciation at the time of vacating if you
fully cooperate during all showings and keep your space clean and tidy.

To Apply: Jesse 720 435 3797