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Married Couple Roommates

Couple looking for Roommates/Housing

Location: Lakewood, CO or nearby
Move-in Date: 08/03/2022, flexible
Rent Range: Max $1,200/month

I am a counseling student at DenSem and my husband is a worship arts student at CCU. We are looking for roommates who would like to find housing with us or already have housing that we could move in with you. Our budget is $1,200 or less for our share. We prefer a basic place in order to find the cheapest rent. We only need 1 bedroom for ourselves and are willing to move into almost any type of place that works for you. We have a medium-sized dog who loves playing and cuddling. We are interested especially in living in Lakewood, but are open to anywhere within a half-hour drive of there. We would love to meet you if you are interested in sharing housing! Please text or e-mail Carly.

To Apply: carlyloos2@gmail.com 785-614-2583