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Basement Apartment or Room for Rent (in House with Family)

Full Basement Rental, Private Bedroom

Location: Rural Area near Castle Pines Village
Move-in Date: Available Now
Rent Range: $950

Spring / Summer 2023 Rental

Recently remodled full Basement Rental which includes

  • Private Bedroom with Locks
  • Semi Private Bathroom (Private but not locked)
  • Semi Private Kitchen (Private but not locked)
  • Large Family Room (Shared but rarely used by owner
  • Laundry Room

Full basement (Excluding 2 storage rooms) that is generally private but the owner wants to keep her libary in the family room and only use when she needs to pull a book.  The kitchen is private but open to the hallway and family room and the bedroom is private with a lock.  Rural property on 2 acres with amazing views and driveway that goes right up to the kitchen.

The house is a one story ranch with a full basement.  The couple that lives at the house are in their 80’s and their son manages the house.  They like the idea of having a student at the house to help with an emergency. The older husband has early signs of dimensia so having an extra set of eyes and ears aournd the property for an emergency would be greatly appreciated. 

Additionally, the older wife is a great cook and is willing to trade dinners/meals for small household chores like shoveling a small sidewalk, mowing the small yard, and lifting a heavy item every once in a while.

THE KITCHEN IS CURRENTLY BEING BUILT IN A FORMER GARAGE.  The rent will be reduced to $500 until the kitchen is finihsed which is projected to be done in late April or early May.  Also, the entrance into the garage / new kitchen is currently under construction and the picture is old.



To Apply: Justin Pals (son) 720-479-7257