Housing Board

man and woman walking and talking on campus

Basement Apartment or Room for Rent (in House with Family)

Twofer! Free Housing AND Resume-Building Experience

Location: Central Denver (Baker Neighborhood)
Move-in Date: March
Rent Range: Free housing, utilities, Internet, laundry & parking in exchange for service hours

This unique opportunity includes a no-cost bedroom and shared bath/living spaces within Silver Lining House, a beautiful historic home in the Baker neighborhood where we serve young adults recovering from challenges of life on the streets (many who aged out of foster care).

In exchange, we ask for 10-12 service hours each week as a “community partner” by being a positive role model and engaging with residents in meaningful ways to foster a culture of family, belonging, and growth. (This is where the resume-building comes in 🙂

To Apply: For more details, contact Dana Jones at danajones@providencenetwork.org