Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Update: November 16, 2017

Thank you for your generosity to the Disaster Relief Fund! We received donations from 72 individuals for a total of $25,766.50. With the Seminary match, we disbursed $35,766.50 to the following ministries where our alumni are working in relief efforts:

  • Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief - Staff & Alumni
  • Crossover Bible Fellowship - Alumni
  • BridgePoint Church - Alumni
  • Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church - Alumni
  • Turning Point Church - Alumni
  • Adventures in Missions - Current Student

Hear from Amanda Grace Caldwell, 2014 graduate of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, share her experience with Hurricane Harvey and how Denver Seminary prepared her for the counseling work she did during the disaster. Part of our disbursed funds went to Amanda Grace's church to aid in their relief efforts and the work she is doing.

Update: September 19, 2017

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the Harvey Fund. In light of additional recent natural disasters, in particular Hurricane Irma and the ongoing destruction of wildfires in the West, we have decided to expand distribution of the Harvey Fund to include ministries led by our alumni in these areas as well. We plan to disburse the total balance of the fund, including the matching portion, on November 1st and publish a list of the ministries that receive funding. Therefore, we need to receive your gifts to the Harvey Fund before November 1st. The current balance is $7,922.50. Remember that every dollar given to the Harvey Fund up to $10,000 will be doubled.

We need your help in two ways. First, please consider making a gift to the Harvey Fund in the next few weeks. Secondly, if you know of a ministry engaged in relief efforts in these disaster zones that is led by one of our alumni, please encourage them to contact us with their needs.

We’ve heard from alumni working in these devastated areas. Their presence and compassion are already making a difference in the lives of those who have lost much. What a privilege to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in their time of need.

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In Christ,

Dr. Mark Young
Denver Seminary

September 5, 2017

It's hard to imagine the scope of devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey. Images of staggering losses of personal property, destruction of infrastructure, and the disappearance of entire neighborhoods under the deluge stun us. And if that weren't enough, we also know that lives were lost and some people remain missing. The personal, economic, and social costs associated with this tragedy simply cannot be accurately estimated at this time. We know that recovery and rebuilding will take years.

In the midst of it all God's people, some having experienced personal loss themselves, are moving into broken lives and offering physical, emotional, and spiritual help. Several in our community have direct ties to the area. Denver Seminary wants to be a part of their efforts to rebuild and restore lives shattered by the storm. That's why we're establishing a special "Harvey Fund" by which we can financially support ministries where our alumni are serving in the relief efforts. And the Seminary will match all gifts from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and trustees up to $10,000. 

Please consider whether the Lord would lead you to make a gift to help support our alumni in meeting some of these needs. If so, click here to make an online gift, mail a check (directions below), or drop your gift by the Advancement office in the administration building on campus.

May the Lord richly bless our generosity.

In Christ,

Dr. Mark Young, President
Denver Seminary