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Administrative and Clerical

Administrator and/or Coordinator

Stadia Church Planting
Posted: 08/22/2022
Salary/Range: $40,000

Position Summary: To serve Stadia’s Discovery Center by managing systems, processes and tasks, related to the Discovery processes through Exploration, Discernment, and Discovery Event. Communicating with both partners, future new-church leaders, and teammates for the purpose of planting thriving, growing, and multiplying churches around the world for the next generation.


  • Committed and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Personable -The ability to communicate with diverse individuals in a polite and professional manner.
  • Results Oriented -Proven ability to manage multiple tasks and projects at one time with various levels of responsibility in a fast-paced environment prioritizing the urgent & important.
  • Ability to work a process methodically, efficiently, and productively, with a relatively high level of detail orientation.
  • A Problem Solver -the ability to deal with challenges and bring about solutions before they become problems.
  • Effective Communicator –The ability to communicate highly detailed schedules and information in an effective manner.
  • High technical aptitude -Strong computer skills and the ability to rapidly learn new programs including Salesforce,, Asana, and other organization specific platforms.
  • Teachable spirit •A sense of humor and appreciation for the privilege of serving others.


Working Relationships: Your Customers

  • Current and Potential Stadia New-Church Leaders
  • Partner Church Multiplication Organizations
  • Stadia Stakeholders
  • Vice President of Church Multiplication
  • Planter Development Directors
  • Other Planter Development Staff Members
  • Stadia Hub

Time Commitment:

  • 40 hours per week –Monday thru Friday
  • Required participation at the following virtual events: Planter Development team meetings, monthly Hub meetings, annual Stadia retreat
  • Potential attendance at Stadia’s Discovery Center Event (in-person and virtual), Exponential Conferences, Hub retreat, and Planter Development team retreats.



  • Create Salesforce campaigns for Discovery Center events.
  • Monitor Discovery Center opportunities and add participants to campaigns, shifting campaign participation as necessary based on candidate progress.
  • Communicate with candidates regarding their documentation, sharing copies of requested results and reports, and answering questions about the discovery process and systems.
  • Download and create PDFs of all assessments, questionnaires, and surveys by candidate, and sharing them with the candidates as necessary.
  • Track individual progress through the Discovery Center process, currently via Asana.
  • Pull together all documentation into participant folders to be sent out post-event.
  • Create end-of-event planter reports.
  • Continuous improvement recommendations to the discovery systems and process.
  • Meeting weekly with the Discovery team to discuss and monitor progress of candidates and prepare for upcoming Discovery Events.
  • Assist with the administrative needs of other key leaders.
  • Participate in Stadia Hub.
  • To perform any such other tasks as assigned.


  • Create Asana project / action plan for each Discovery Event and manage the project to completion.
  • Create Google site with all Discovery documents for guides and participants.
  • For virtual Discovery Events, create and assign Zoom rooms for teams, participants, and guides.
  • For in-person Discovery Events, coordinate with host location for rooms, hospitality services and meals, and necessary supplies or tech needs.
  • Participate in all Discovery Events and be available to help participants and guides navigate the experience.
  • Coordinating travel and accommodation details for Stadia team members and Stadia guest guides.
  • Processing and submitting all Discovery-related events expenses and managing expenses toward an established budget.


  • Manage communication between the internal team and our multiplication partners and potential new-church leaders, in order to create a consistent, easy, and friendly user experience in Stadia’s Discovery Center.
  • Monitoring and ensuring the pre-event scheduling and communication of orientations, pre-meetings, and reminders.
  • Monitoring and ensuring post-event communication and thank-you’s.


  • Make invitations to raise financial resources for Stadia’s mission of starting new churches.
  • Your annual goal will be set in conjunction with your team leader, and supported by all Stadia systems and appropriate team members.
  • Stadia will provide training, systems, support, all Stadia events, positive accountability, and coaching to help you accomplish your goal.
  • If fundraising responsibilities are the only thing holding you back from applying for this position, please apply anyway and we can discuss what this means in Stadia’s context.


  • Financially support their local church and Stadia.
  • Consistently pray for the advancing of the Kingdom through Church planting.
  • Commit to be an active learner in regard to the efforts of Church planting and Stadia.
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