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Apartment Life
Posted: 09/09/2022
Salary/Range: Significantly Discount Rent for a 2 Bed/2 Bathroom unit (50% to 75% off!)
Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs

Do you love throwing parties and making people feel welcome?

Are you passionate about caring for your neighbors?

Do you have the ability to move to an apartment community?

Would you benefit from having your rent discounted to do what you already feel called to do—love Jesus and love your neighbor as yourself?

If you said yes to these questions, please keep reading. If you know someone that might enjoy this, please pass it on to them!

Apartment Life has been serving communities across the US for over 22 years. We partner with management teams in apartment communities to elevate the resident experience and live out the calling to love our neighbors as ourselves!

A coordinator’s work can be summed up with three words: care, connect, and call.

CARE for people in their community

CONNECT them in relationships

CALL others to do the same

Let’s dig into that!

Apartment Life coordinators serve an apartment community by…

Planning and hosting events for the residents in the apartment community for the purpose of caring for and connecting with residents, connecting residents to one another and to services and great local businesses in the wider community.

Providing a caring touch to residents and staff with the help of other residents and a network of community support.

Inviting residents to share online about their great experiences in the community. We call this enhancing online reputation.

Engaging a support team of volunteers, vendors, and community partners to maximize budget and impact.


Many coordinators visit new residents shortly after move-in to welcome them to the community. They may also visit residents who are near the end of their lease term to connect with them as well.

Administration responsibilities of the program that can be managed by just one person of the team:

  • Consistently communicating and reporting with AL staff and the clients a team is serving using the monthly and weekly system,
  • Managing the event budget purchasing and reporting process,
  • developing monthly calendars/event flyers/social media posts to market activities to residents,
  • Meeting with staff for planning,
  • Meeting with their program director for equipping and development.

Coordinators who make the most impact on their communities are…

Relational:  understand the power of relationships; enjoy meeting new people, networking in the broader community, and planning social activities. They are authentic, empathetic, caring, and have excellent communication skills.

Event Planners:  plan and facilitate events to attract and retain residents. They enjoy being the life of the party-designing exciting atmospheres and drawing people into conversations and experiences.

Available:  available to host events and perform weekly visits when the apartment residents are most likely to attend or be at home including evenings and weekends.

Financially Responsible:  responsible and trustworthy with a community’s monthly event budget.

Oriented towards “business-with-a-cause”:  faithfully weave together excellence in business with serving and loving their neighbors well.

We require Coordinators to be part of an active faith community for support and encouragement as well as spiritual growth. We believe that scripture calls us to be in community with others, especially with other believers. We know that this looks a little different for everyone, but our requirement is that this is Bible-centered and has a regular meeting structure. We have Coordinators who are part of traditional churches, large non-denominational churches, all the way down to house churches. Let us know if you have any questions about this requirement.

Coordinators must meet these employment requirements…

Be 18 years of age or older.

Be legally eligible to work in the United States (at least one coordinator if serving as a team).

Have basic fluency in English to compose marketing elements for the community and required reports for the property management company (at least one coordinator if serving as a team).

Possess a current driver’s license and liability insurance, and access to a form of reliable transportation to complete coordinator duties such as shopping for events and connecting with vendors.

Be physically able to use stairs, bend, sit, stand, stoop, carry up to 25 pounds (at least one coordinator if serving as a team).

Due to the responsibilities of the role, including access to apartment community information and resources, property funds for events, and the potential for interacting with children, all coordinators must have the ability to pass a criminal background check in compliance with federal, state, and local law.

Have the availability to meet during daytime hours with the management team.

Have the availability to commit weekly hours to perform job responsibilities while leaving space to engage with residents relationally.

Be able to make the minimum term commitment to serving in the apartment community.

Helpful hints as you apply:

Onsite is compensated with a 50% to 75% rent discount off a two-bedroom unit.

To Apply: Landon Gray: (720) 773-1735: