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Assistant Pastor of Missions Engagement

First Presbyterian Church Colorado Springs
Posted: 03/31/2022
Salary/Range: $57,500
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Denomination: Presbyterian – ECO

Weekly Attendance: 1,200

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Role: Assistant Pastor of Mission Engagement

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Meet First Presbyterian Church Colorado Springs:

Established in 1872 by missionary Rev. Sheldon Jackson, First Presbyterian has a rich heritage and an influential legacy in the city of Colorado Springs. Unapologetically Evangelical and Reformed, First Presbyterian has been a leading member of ECO (A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians) since 2012. A true multigenerational church (what we call a 5-generation church), First Presbyterian has something for everyone. It holds two traditional worship services and two contemporary worship services each Sunday morning, bringing people together in genuine worship as they seek the Lord. In 2017, a Contemporary Worship Center was finished, the first intentionally designed center of its kind in downtown Colorado Springs. First Presbyterian Colorado Springs is located in the historic city center at the foot of Pikes Peak Mountain.  

The City government of Colorado Springs considers the faith community an important voice in the overall health of our community. First Presbyterian is part of a group that regularly meets with our city leaders and seeks to partner with the city government to foster and support the health of our city. As the ethnic and socio-economic diversity of our city and community grows, our church desires to be a leader in embracing the diversity and wholeness of His Bride.


About the Assistant Pastor of Mission Engagement:

The Assistant Pastor of Mission Engagement will need to be a dynamic, energetic, and winsome worker in the fields of God who will spend most of the time pastoring adults into the mission field both locally and internationally. Activities in the mission field will be in alignment with the vision and mission of First Presbyterian. First Presbyterian is in true relationship with partners across the globe, with organizations, and individual missionaries. We have particular and established relationships in Mongolia, Egypt, Guatemala, and Cuba. In Colorado Springs, we partner with 18 local faith-based and non-faith-based social agencies in services to homeless children and adults, working poor, immigrants, and education among other areas.

This ordained position, while fully focused on activating disciples in our midst, also carries typical ordained responsibilities including serving in Worship on Sundays, occasional opportunities to preach, and congregational care. 


The Assistant Pastor of Mission Engagement Will: 

  • Ensure Global partners feel highly connected to and resourced by First Pres.
  • Mobilize and equip members for global and local missions.
  • Be committed to the Good Samaritan principle of missions.
  • Engage and connect Missions lay team.
  • Execute relationship-building, international trips to meet and continually strengthen relationships with our global partners.
  • Engage students in global missions.
  • Be a voice to the church for the excitement and call to mission.
  • Build strong and healthy relationships with the people they work with.
  • Develop lay leadership teams with diversity.

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What You Bring: 


  • Applicable Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is required.
  • Master’s degree in Theology or Divinity is highly desired.
  • The candidate must have a call to the exploration of ordination within ECO.   


  • 1 or more years of experience in a church, non-profit, or missions organization is required. This role may be a “first call” for a candidate. 
  • Ordination is highly desired, but a candidate who is ordainable to ECO can apply.

Personal Characteristics & Capabilities

  • Demonstrates a passion for Christ and the Bible.
  • Has the ability to speak multiple languages (preferred).  
  • Has the ability to think holistically about worship and missions and views global and local engagement activity as part of the whole church ministry with multiple entry points and ways in which to support engagement.
  • Has prior experience serving in diverse settings that require flexibility, sensitivity, and awareness of cultural expectations different from one’s own.
  • Has the ability to lead small and large gatherings from up front.
  • Has a current passport for international travel.
  • Has great energy to work in a multiple stakeholder environment with steadfast commitment to the vision and mission of First Pres.
  • Is energized and nourished by their role.


What it’s Like to Live in Colorado Springs, Colorado: 

Colorado Springs is, without a doubt, one of the most breathtaking cities in the nation. With beautiful weather and its majestic mountains, Colorado Springs is a gem of a city. From the modern appeal of new establishments to the city life downtown and the timeless roads of Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs offers much to those looking for a move. It provides many enjoyable neighborhoods that a new resident would love to call home. 

Compared to other parts of the state, the housing in Colorado Springs tends to be more affordable, which is a huge draw to the many people that have chosen to live there. Additionally, it is only about an hour away from Denver, making it very convenient for those who prefer to live in Colorado Springs and commute to work every day.

Above all else, the city’s quality of life is probably one of the most significant aspects of living here. Because of great weather year-round, people can be outside frequently and enjoy all of the activities that come with that, such as bicycling, running, and hiking. These are popular forms of exercise here in Colorado Springs, and it keeps residents both happy and healthy. Colorado Springs is also commonly listed as one of the cities with the cleanest air, and the residents would heartily agree. Overall, this city is well-rounded, happy, and healthy, and with the great weather, high quality of life, and affordable housing, what’s not to love?

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