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Assistant Pastor Residency

Waukee Community Church
Posted: 11/04/2021
Waukee, IA

Dear Potential Candidate,

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Assistant Pastor Residency at Waukee Community Church. This is a 4-year, full-time, paid pastoral position that allows an individual who is called into pastoral ministry to gain the real-world experience necessary for the position of Lead Pastor – with preference given to those who are considering church planting at the conclusion of their residency.


WCC is located in Waukee, IA and is a member of the Evangelical Free Church of America. In 2005, we were planted by Valley Church, West Des Moines, IA, with the goal of making disciples of Jesus in the growing western suburbs of Des Moines. Our Lead Pastor, David Brooks, has been with us since 2005. You can read our story on our website but, in short, we believe that God uses relationships to make disciples of Jesus who, in turn, make more disciples. Our philosophy has resulted in the steady, vibrant growth of our church family.


In 2016, we purchased a strip mall and have been expanding into the facility as the leases of our tenants expire. In 2020, we completed Phase 2, and we are excited to begin Phase 3 in the next few years. As our church grows, we want to ensure that we continue to be committed to relationally driven disciple-making ministry. It was from this conviction that the Assistant Pastor Residency was born.


If God is leading you to explore this opportunity, please email your resume to  


In Christ,

Mark Nelson, Search Team Chair




Assistant Pastor Residency

Position Description – 10/24/2021



Ministry Area:



Accountable to:

Lead Pastor


Ministry focus:

Pastoral leadership and care


Spiritual Gifts Desired:

Leadership, Preaching & Teaching, Shepherding, and Administration


Desired Characteristics:

Filled with Integrity and Conviction, Teachable, Self-Motivated, Humble, Discerning


Passion for:

Jesus, prayer, the Word of God, identifying people’s needs, identifying gifts of service, equipping others for serving



Waukee Community Church is an evangelical church associated with the Evangelical Free Churches of America (EFCA) committed to making disciples by “bringing people together to Live like Jesus, Love like Jesus and Give like Jesus.”

The Assistant Pastor Residency is a position for someone who desires to gain competence in his pastoral skills, preferably in preparation for a calling as a Church-Planter.  As an assistant to the Lead Pastor, his job will be to (1) engage in many areas of this pastoral calling, (2) build up the body of Christ at WCC and (3) gain competence in the necessary skills for the position of Lead Pastor. 


Anticipated Time and Salary Commitments:

  • Core hours: 45 hours per week along with additional meetings as required.
  • This residency is a salaried position with appropriate pay and benefits.
  • This residency is designed to last 4 years.



  1. Life Group (LG) and Life Transformation Group (LTG) Coordinator
    1. Provide direction and oversight to Life Groups (adult small groups).
    2. Learn the importance of intentional disciple-making by participating in a Men’s LTG (Men’s Micro-Groups that focus on reproducing disciples).
    3. Recruit future leaders and equip all leaders.
    4. Develop a LG or LTG for Junior High and High School Students.


  1. Connections
    1. Meet with new individuals/families.
    2. Oversee their assimilation into the body of Christ at WCC.


  1. Provide Oversight and Support for Deacons
    1. Schedule regular 1-on-1 meetings with all deacons.
    2. Work with Deacon Chairperson to schedule quarterly meetings.
    3. Work with Missions Team to coordinate efforts with Strategic Partners.
    4. Coordinate a yearly Faith-In-Action Event.
  2. Preaching
    1. Develop preaching skills with increasing opportunities to preach.
    2. Receive direction in preparation and constructive feedback.
    3. Attend Bible Pathways Training.


  1. Community Representation
    1. Represent Christ and WCC to the community.
    2. Participate in a local non-profit or community organization (as a volunteer or member of a governing board).


  1. Future Development
    1. Meet weekly with the Lead Pastor.
    2. Grow by developing skills in many areas of pastoral service including:
  1. Pastoral Counseling
  2. Wedding and Funeral Preparation
  • Developing, Recruiting and Leading Elders
  1. Staff Leadership
  2. Church Finances
  3. Personal Spiritual Disciplines
    1. Pursue licensing with the EFCA.
    2. Develop a written plan for church planting.


Qualifications and Requirements

  1. Faith: A growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Calling: A personal calling to serve the local church in pastoral ministry and a willingness to explore church planting as a part of that call.
  3. Education: At minimum, an Undergraduate Degree.
  4. Theological Convictions:

– Affirm the EFCA Statement of Faith.

– Affirm the EFCA Resolution on Biblical Sexuality and the Covenant of Marriage (2017).

– Affirm the Biblical conviction of Complementarianism.




To Apply: Mark Nelson (Chair) Phone: 515.988.0336 Email: