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Associate and Assistant Pastors

Associate Pastor

Posted: 10/21/2022
Salary/Range: Commensurate with experience and qualifications
Discovery Bay, CA.

Mariner’s Discovery Church

Associate Pastor

 Job Description


Title:  Associate Pastor

Immediate Supervisor:  Senior Pastor


General Job Description

The Associate Pastor is one who is gifted and is called to church ministry, loves people, and has a passion for evangelism, outreach, and missions both personally and at the ministry level within a multi-generational congregation setting. He has a passion for the Word of God and a desire to proclaim the Word of God with conviction and confidence, always moving the congregation towards taking consistent spiritual steps. He is missions-minded and will lead the congregation to serve both locally and globally.  The Associate Pastor is one who casts a vision for the ministries under his direction.  He lives out the Great Commission by sharing the gospel boldly from the pulpit, by being in the community, and through one-on-one relationships.


Detailed Job Description

The following defines the specific functions performed by the Associate Pastor:

– Support the Senior Pastor in the overall vision casting and leadership of the church’s teaching.

– Work with the Senior Pastor to ensure weekend services are planned and executed.

– When requested, provide feedback to Senior Pastor or other speakers on their manuscripts in advance of Sunday.

– Communication skills to effectively preach several times a year and be prepared to be the emergency backup speaker in case of last-minute need.

– Oversee Sunday morning volunteer groups such as welcome center, coffee, communion, and special event tables.

– Able to recruit, teach, train, spiritual growth, and effectively supervise volunteers for adult small groups and adult ministries within the church.

– Serve as the primary contact for visitors. Keeps track of attendance and coordinates follow-up contact with new guests, and members who have not attended church for a couple of weeks.

– Serve as the “face” of the staff on Sundays by being available in the lobby and entry areas to greet attendees and be available for questions or prayer.

– Know the congregation by showing intense interest in them. This will include getting to know personal and family stories of the active members of the church.

– Responsible for tracking the spiritual growth and progress of all members.

– Responsible for new member orientation class.

– Visit members in the hospital, care facilities, and homes.

– Conduct funerals and weddings.

– Provide pastoral care to children, youth, and families; provide confidential pastoral counseling in emergencies and short-term basis.

– Intentional about building relationships and congregation. Tends to the spiritual needs of the congregation as one who will give an account to God.

– Creates a community environment for the congregation to fulfill the “one-another commands

– Provide guidance and oversight for adult and small group teachers and leaders; assist small group teachers and leaders with curriculum/study selection.

– Teach Small Group or Sunday School classes as needed.

– Provide staff oversight for the pastor/directors responsible for Children and Student Ministries.

– Lead weekly bible study with staff.

– A spiritual leader to staff that encourages, challenges, and holds them accountable to their walk with God both at an individual and group level.

– Provides coaching, evaluation, mentoring, and bible teaching to the staff.

– Shall affirm agreement with MDC’s Constitution and By-Laws


Personal Qualifications

  • Possesses personality, temperament, and interpersonal skills to relate and serve effectively within a multi-generational congregation setting.


  • Exhibit evidence of Christian character and servant leadership as stated in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-4 in the work environment as well as in-home/family setting.


  • Give evidence of a spiritually balanced life (prayer, Bible study, rest, worship, financial stewardship).


  • Doctrinally aligned with Mariner’s Discovery Church Statement of Faith, doctrinal positions, mission, and core values.


  • Give evidence of a strong work ethic and personal integrity.


Education & Skills

  • Engaging experienced teacher/presenter who can bring practical life application to the scriptures
  • Demonstrate knowledge and ability to guide a seeker to become a baptized disciple of Jesus


  • Knowledge and ability to use the Bible to guide a new disciple to ongoing spiritual maturity


  • Bachelor’s degree preferably from a Christian college or university aligned with an emphasis in Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Discipleship, Education, or Church Leadership


  • Seminary/Graduate Degree is helpful, preferably from a Christian college or university aligned with an emphasis on Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Discipleship, Education, or Church Leadership.


  • Minimum of three years of pastoral experience as an Associate or Youth Pastor


Hours & Benefits

The Associate Pastor will be classified as a full-time/part-time employee. Salary/Housing is commensurate with experience and qualifications. The benefits offered will be consistent with the current policy for insurance, paid time off (PTO), and holidays.


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